Top Rated Beers: English India Pale Ale (IPA)

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Top Rated Beers: English India Pale Ale (IPA)
    Score Ratings
1Gold Stock Ale4.23167
2Tumbleweed IPA4.21138
4Bunny & The Bird4.12105
5Jaipur IPA4549
71800 Old English IPA4.09108
8Naughty 903.97419
9Jolly Ollie4.0691
10Commodore Perry IPA3.882,890
11Fuller's India Pale Ale3.9315
12India Pale Ale3.88593
14Hammersmith IPA454
16Blitzkrieg Hops DIPA3.85266
17Lost Sailor India Pale Ale3.82746
18German Style IPA3.84265
19Proper Job3.85179
20Fuller's Bengal Lancer (Bottle-Conditioned)3.87121
21Fuller's India Pale Ale (Bottle-Conditioned)3.8894
22Devil's Elbow IPA3.85123
23ImPaled Ale3.8384
24McGargles Francis' Big Bangin IPA3.9936
25Hitachino Nest Japanese Classic Ale3.79456
26Cambridge House Abijah Rowe IPA3.957
27Cold Hop British-Style Ale3.78473
28India Pale Ale3.77997
29El Guapo Agave IPA3.79253
30Sergeant's IPA3.9634
31Psychedelic Lines4.0323
32Man Beer3.79141
33Marble - Emelisse Earl Grey IPA4.0619
34Colorado Indica3.8366
35Red Betty IPA3.76214
36India Pale Ale4.0916
37Deuchars IPA3.75228
38Fine! IPA4.0119
40Ed PA3.8446
41Bengal Lancer3.76141
42Vaisseau Des Songes3.8443
43Köstritzer Pale Ale3.8734
44Worthington's White Shield3.73260
45The Raj IPA3.74158
46Goose IPA3.715,467
47Hog Wild416
48Chaos Theory3.75108
49Perler For Svin4.0613
50Sunken Island IPA3.8531
51Hop & Lock4.1310
53Green Man India Pale Ale3.7522
54Me Myself & IPA4.0312
55Short's The Golden Rule3.73103
56Maisel & Friends Stefan's Indian Ale3.7845
57IPA Nelson Sauvin413
58Durham Triple X IPA3.8821
59Heavy Machinery English IPA3.7654
60Double Rainbow IPA3.7557
61Earl Grey IPA3.9812
62India Ale3.681,930
64Wild Hop IPA3.916
65Draft Punk3.7367
66The Haberdasher3.7450
67Rhode Island IPA3.7175
69Long White Cloud3.7827
70Dame Errant3.8715
71India Pale Ale3.821
72Not Looking For A New England IPA3.9510
73Hoppy Otter IPA3.7246
74Indianviken Pale Ale3.8118
75St-Ambroise India Pale Ale3.67199
76Shogun JIPA3.8613
77Beowulf IPA3.8216
78Doolittle IPA3.8117
79Hoppy Lil' Hudson3.818
80Kinch IPA3.7145
83Rogue's Roost IPA3.7918
84Stockyard IPA3.748
85Hop Ale3.8512
86Cask Conditioned IPA3.8910
87McNeill's Dead Horse IPA3.66196
88India Pale Ale3.66188
89Lotus IPA3.8611
90Lagonda IPA3.8611
92Willimantic Eur-IPA-en3.8212
93Illusion Dweller IPA3.6853
94Bling India Pale Ale3.6941
95I.B.U.D. 593.8112
96True North India Pale Ale3.6940
97Russell IP'eh!3.6688
98Invicta / Sixpoint 6 O'Clock3.7419
99India Pale Ale3.7321
100606 India Pale Ale3.6682