Top Rated Beers: American Double / Imperial Stout

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Top Rated Beers: American Double / Imperial Stout
    Score Ratings
1Kentucky Brunch Brand Stout4.84695
2Barrel-Aged Abraxas4.741,428
3Hunahpu's Imperial Stout - Double Barrel Aged4.731,570
4Fundamental Observation4.711,097
5Mornin' Delight4.71,374
7Bourbon County Brand Coffee Stout4.677,307
8CBS (Canadian Breakfast Stout)4.665,580
9Speedway Stout - Vietnamese Coffee - Bourbon-Barrel Aged4.66868
11Barrel Aged Imperial German Chocolate Cupcake Stout4.72180
12KBS (Kentucky Breakfast Stout)4.613,255
13Bourbon County Brand Stout4.612,650
14Grande Negro Voodoo Papi - Bourbon Barrel Aged4.63345
15Bourbon Paradise4.61410
16Hunahpu's Imperial Stout4.574,284
17Triple Shot4.6385
18Beer Geek Vanilla Shake - Bourbon Barrel-Aged4.59484
19Pirate Paradise4.62208
20Black Note Stout4.544,763
21Black Tuesday4.544,017
22Chocolate Rain4.542,759
23The Rusty Nail4.57456
24Beyond Good And Evil4.56607
26Pirate Bomb!4.522,263
27Speedway Stout - Bourbon Barrel-Aged4.522,207
28Grey Monday4.521,809
29Breakfast Stout4.5117,079
30Double Stack4.54410
31Imperial Biscotti Break - Bourbon Barrel-Aged4.511,642
32Bourbon Barrel Aged Dark Star: Coffee Edition4.52732
34Ground State4.52550
35Speedway Stout - Vietnamese Coffee4.51,888
36Mocha Wednesday4.51,408
37Genealogy Of Morals (Bourbon Barrel Aged)4.51623
38It Was All A Dream4.7949
40Double Barrel Jesus4.5779
41Trillium / J. Wakefield - Affogato4.52362
42Barrel Aged Bomb!4.491,174
43Hunahpu's Imperial Stout - Bourbon Barrel-Aged4.52331
44Clare's Thirsty Ale4.53266
45Barrel-Aged Sump Coffee Stout4.5536
46Space Trace4.52294
47Prairie Apple Brandy Noir4.481,592
48Bourbon Barrel Oro Negro4.5480
49The Abyss4.477,316
50Fundamental Forces4.61100
51Caffè Americano4.481,062
52Bourbon Barrel Champion Ground4.49603
53Imperial German Chocolate Cupcake Stout4.6106
55Imperial Eclipse Stout - Elijah Craig (12 Year)4.461,978
56Trillium / J. Wakefield - Affogato - Bourbon Barrel-Aged4.6569
57Coffee Abraxas4.47579
59Barrel-Aged Malevolence Chocolate Caliente4.6369
60Speedway Stout - Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee4.46591
61Rye Hipster Brunch Stout4.48274
62Péché Mortel - Fût De Bourbon Américain4.45565
63Vanilla Bean Abraxas4.49199
65Barrel Aged Christmas Bomb!4.5787
66Sump Coffee Stout4.431,676
68Uncle Jacob's Stout4.422,890
69Rare DOS4.44393
70Jam The Radar4.48170
71Midnight Still4.5585
72Péché Mortel4.415,232
73Oro Negro4.42911
74Nut Smasher4.44352
75Number Crunch4.51111
76Mexican Coffee Cake4.44297
77A Night To End All Dawns4.42586
78Barrel Aged The Hyper Dog4.5390
79Triple Barrel Big Bad Baptist4.43347
80Mexican Cake4.42,886
81Barrel Aged The Jones Dog4.42460
82Breakfast Exorcism4.42421
83Big Bad Baptista4.41613
84Vastness Of Space - Bourbon Barrel-Aged4.5571
85Box Set Track #10 - Bat Out Of Hell4.41,092
87Double Shot - Kenya Karimikui4.5284
88Big Poppa4.48114
89RareR DOS4.45158
90Black Damnation V - Double Black4.41360
91Trillium / J. Wakefield - Tiramisu4.590
92Speedway Stout4.387,000
93Mexican Cake - Tequila Barrel-Aged (2014)4.41284
95Barrel-Aged TrillBOMB!4.5557
96Birthday Bomb!4.371,174
97Black Tuesday - Port Barrel-Aged4.45114
98Mikhail's Odd4.44125
99PM Dawn W/ Cold Brew Coffee4.39325
100Big Bad Baptist4.363,877