Top Rated Beers: American Stout

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Top Rated Beers: American Stout
    Score Ratings
1Double Shot4.55939
2Double Shot - Christmas4.5379
3Double Shot - Costa Rica Santa Rosa4.5474
4Peanut Butter PM Dawn4.4855
5The Awakening Coffee Stout4.3140
6Obsidian Stout4.23,975
7Rêve Coffee Stout4.4653
9Chocolate Milk Stout4.26201
10Skillet Donut Stout4.22433
11Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout4.27133
1210 Layers4.3370
13Chocolate Stout4.154,244
15Java The Stout4.19245
16God Complex4.25100
17Pisgah Valdez4.15385
18Onyx Coffee Stout4.440
19Mackinaw Fudge Donkey Stout4.2679
201st Meal - Barrel Aged4.3158
21The Patsy4.17208
22The Jolly Woodsman4.22103
23Milk The Venom4.438
24Short, Dark & Wired4.2382
25Rise Up Coffee Stout4.12533
261st Meal4.2380
27Siren / Cigar City Caribbean Chocolate Cake4.14244
28Pistols At Dawn4.19103
30Java Oats4.346
31Kuhnhenn Crème Brûlée Java Stout4.11319
32Southdown Breakfast Stout4.2173
33Black House - Coconut And Cocoa Nibs4.11292
34Coffee Stout4.081,256
36Sad Panda Coffee Stout4.1976
37Rum Barrel Aged Imperial Awakening4.4126
38Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout4.13130
39Coffee Coconut Stout4.1689
40Joe Daddy Imperial Coffee Stout4.13127
41Double Shot - Vanilla4.7413
42Rye Barrel Stout4.1967
43In Absentia Luci - Rum Barrel Aged4.2938
44Sierra Nevada Stout4.063,440
45Koffee Kream Stout4.1868
46Bourbon Barrel Aged Tres Blueberry Stout4.11136
47Port Omna - Coconut4.3627
48The Devil's Invention4.09161
49Beer Hop Breakfast4.05637
52French Toast Stout4.244
53German Chocolate Cake4.1466
54BA Karma4.711
55Redband Stout4.05257
56Port Omna4.07146
57George Hunter4.1180
58Triple C's4.2729
59Morning Time Breakfast Stout4.1651
60Redwood Stout4.03523
62Quaff Bros Blue Melvin Blueberry Cream Stout Bourbon Barreled Ale4.3421
63Campfire Stout4.02634
64G.F.Y. Stout4.04202
65Coffee & Cream Stout4.2528
66Mom Jeans4.0981
67Single Origin Coffee Stout Ethiopian Hambela4.04169
68Willimantic Pony Espresso Stout4.322
69Mother's Little Fracker4.0881
70Barley's Bourbon Meyer Buckeye Stout4.513
71Libation Propaganda Coffee Stout4.160
72Survival "7-Grain" Stout4.01328
73Breakfast Stout4.0689
74Bean Me Up Coffee Stout4.05103
75Chocolate Coffee Stout4.320
76The Defender American Stout4.155
77Planet Bean Coffee Stout4.01273
78Mean Old Tom3.992,440
79Stacks Of Coconut4.2325
80A.M. O.G. Stout4.2325
81Helm's Deep4.4812
82Short Dark & Breakfast4.1830
83Ashlawn Coffee Stout4.3317
84Coffee Stout4.1928
85Stop Collaborate & Listen4.148
86Kalamazoo Stout3.984,451
87Double Stack Stout4.4612
89Black Strap Stout4.01177
90Déesse Nocturne4.0761
91Port Omna - Kreamsicle4.0950
92Jemmy Dean Breakfast Stout4.2124
93Obsidian Nitro Stout4.02123
94Aphrodisiaque (Élevée En Barriques De Rhum)4.0665
95Rubus Cacao4.01141
96King Swirly The 2nd4.3514
97Dark Horse Tres Blueberry Stout3.971,765
98Double Shot - Maple4.510
99BruRm Damn Good Stout4.0846
100Nate's Coffee Stout4.0942