Top Rated Beers: Irish Red Ale

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Top Rated Beers: Irish Red Ale
    Score Ratings
2Bourbon Barrel Aged Dublin Raid4.1528
3Donovan's Red4.0148
4The Double Magician3.9102
5Red Rage4.0339
6Lobstah Killah3.8992
7Conway's Irish Ale3.791,557
8Wild Oats Series No. 18 - Strong Patrick Irish Red Ale3.8969
9Lady Luck Imperial Red Ale3.85104
10Casco Bay Riptide Red Ale3.78201
11Dublin Raid3.9531
12Red Sunday4.1316
13Aiken Thoroughbred Red4.0520
14Townie Strong4.0120
15Irish Breakfast Ale4.2211
16Murph's Irish Red3.7797
17Samuel Adams Brick Red3.72469
18Meabh Rua Irish Bog Ale4.0115
19Orion Irish Red4.0314
20Shannon Irish Red3.7951
21Whistling Pig Red Ale3.8334
22Reilly's Red Ale3.7670
23Acres O'Green Irish Red3.842
24Clotworthy Dobbin3.8430
25Tailgate Red4.0411
26Gael's Blood Potato Ale412
27Heroica Red Ale3.8226
28McIlhenney's Irish Red3.69273
30Aviator Red3.7143
31Prouty's Irish Red Ale3.9115
32Jeremiah Red Ale3.69184
33Copper Coast3.7830
34Rebel Red3.7177
35Big Sticky Red3.9711
36Cael & Crede Ale410
37Irish Ale3.67615
38Rockville Red3.7537
39Patrick’s Poison3.9113
40St John's3.7925
41Hoggetowne Irish Red3.7827
42Broken Rudder3.8616
43Red Lantern3.7729
44South Side Irish Red3.7631
45Johnny "Blood" McNally Red Ale3.768
46Bob's 1st Ale3.7340
47Warbeard Irish Red3.7823
49Red Light3.7920
50Gray's Irish Red Style Ale3.7821
51Porterhouse Red3.66168
52Bay Ale3.7426
53McDonnell's Irish Red Ale3.8711
54Red Branch Irish Ale3.8512
55Irish Red Eye Jedi3.8214
56Maggie's Irish Ale3.6949
57Bog Trotter3.8511
58Hoosier Red Ale3.7915
59Irish I Was A Little Bit Taller3.814
60Jimmy D's Firehouse Red3.7520
61Irish Red Ale3.733
62Crimson Phog3.732
63Table Rock Red Ale3.7127
64Fairytale Red3.8211
65Asylum Harbor3.8111
67Flynn's Irish Red3.7613
68Irish Style Ale3.6831
69Big Red Ale3.6645
70Irish Red3.721
71McFate Irish Red3.6923
72Rado's Red3.7512
73Beer Attack3.6825
74Red Molly Irish Red3.7116
75Ol' Blarney3.7610
76Irish Red Ale3.7411
77Knock Out Irish Red3.715
78Irish Red Ale3.6449
79Derrig The Giant3.7311
80Irish Red Ale3.7212
81Hydraulion Red3.6376
82Fat Badger3.6626
831605 Red3.6817
84Redcoat Irish Red Ale3.7210
85Arrowhead Red Ale3.6527
86Sunburnt Irish Red3.6434
87People's 9 Irish Red3.6620
88Red Dawn Red Ale3.711
89Crimson Clover3.6431
90Celtic Irish Red3.6619
91Red Donkey3.6429
927 Course Red3.6522
93Irish Goodbye3.6616
94Irish Red Ale3.6713
95Danny Mijo3.6810
96Luck Of The Irish3.6516
97McGrath's Irish Red3.6612
98Iron Spike Copper3.6229
99Immigration Red Ale (IRA)3.6229