Top Rated Beers: Light Lager

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Top Rated Beers: Light Lager
    Avg Ratings
2Framingham Lager3.66156
3Sankaty Light3.49286
4Sam Adams Light3.362,228
5Short's Local's Light3.33139
6Narragansett Light3.2691
7Horny Goat Horny Blonde3.2145
8Opa Opa Light3.2859
9Shiner Light3.14188
10Kräftig Light3.1347
12Native Lager3.0158
13Lionshead Light2.9870
14Sleeman Light2.9751
15Grolsch Light Lager2.9551
16Straub American Light2.9464
17Yuengling Light Lager2.881,067
18Labatt Blue Royale Light2.8859
19Iron Hill Light Lager2.8857
20St. George Lager2.8761
21Pilsener 100 (Pilsener Centenario)2.8748
22Northern Light Lager2.85111
23Medalla Light2.83211
24Yuengling Premium Light Beer2.83312
25Mountain Light2.7749
26Trader José Light Lager2.7556
27Tsingtao Draft Beer2.7264
28Hudy Delight2.7268
29Old Style Light2.7278
30Moosehead Light Lime2.6651
31Moosehead Light2.6879
32Old Milwaukee Light2.71219
33George Killian's Irish Red (3.2%)2.6574
34Dixie Jazz2.65109
35Leinenkugel's Light2.6166
36Molson Canadian Light2.64147
37Moosehead Cracked Canoe2.5765
38Pabst Blue Ribbon Light2.62124
39Red Stripe Light2.63159
40Presidente Light2.59111
41I.C. Light2.61227
42Hamm's Special Light2.5391
43Labatt Blue Light Lime2.52100
44Stella Artois Light2.4355
45I.C. Light Mango2.4360
46Sapporo Light Beer2.4679
47Kirkland Signature Light Beer2.48102
48Genny Light2.53240
49San Mig Light2.4595
50Modelo Light2.3972
51Schaefer Light2.2949
52Lone Star Light2.3585
53Rock Light2.2758
54Southpaw Light2.36107
55Tecate Light2.44271
56Michelob Ultra Fruit Lime Cactus2.43281
57Pure Blonde2.1855
58Michelob Ultra Amber2.4362
59Michelob Golden Draft Light2.39300
60Michelob Ultra Dragon Fruit Peach2.1664
61Amstel Light2.421,537
62Beck's Light2.29146
63Miller High Life Light2.39729
64Cerveza Caguama2.21105
65Stroh's Light2.1793
66Heineken Premium Light Lager2.36979
67Michelob Light2.35867
68Molson Canadian 671.9862
69Kirin Light Beer2.21191
70Miller Lite Ice1.9256
71Bud Light Lime2.312,557
72Miller Genuine Draft Light 64 Lemonade2.0176
73Beck's Premier Light2.2202
74Bud Light Platinum2.281,855
75Miller Lite2.284,531
76Michelob Ultra Fruit Pomegranate Raspberry2.16207
77Labatt Blue Light2.2630
78Budweiser Select2.141,286
79Keystone Light1.7268
80Sleeman Clear1.7886
81Rock Green Light1.89151
82Beer 30 Light1.75101
83Milwaukee's Best Light2.03677
84Miller 642.02788
85Coors Light2.055,119
86Keystone Light1.991,973
87Busch Light1.961,587
88Bud Light1.935,887
89Corona Light1.851,990
90Michelob Ultra1.852,317
91Natural Light1.832,105
92Budweiser Select 551.74576
93Miller Genuine Draft 641.5271
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