Top Rated Beers: English Pale Mild Ale

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Top Rated Beers: English Pale Mild Ale
    Score Ratings
1The Little Spree4.0620
2Lake Lightening3.9723
3Lord Proprietor's Mild4.1513
4Golden Best4.0915
6Gutch English Style Mild Ale3.7755
8English 1013.7529
9Foul Weather Jack3.8410
10Knight Of The Garter3.7116
11Peach Tea Mild3.714
12Yellow Card3.7210
13O'Hanlons Yellowhammer3.6718
14Pub Ale3.6339
15Next Door Ale3.5713
16Ramshackle Golden Mild3.5624
18Machine House Gold3.5315
19Arbor Brewing Big Ben House Mild3.5218
20English Pale Mild Ale3.4913
21Blue Label Ale3.4715
22Snowdonia Ale (Cwrw Eryri)3.4513
23Minerva Pale Ale3.5154
24Golden Pippin Ale3.4521
25Mid Mountain Mild Ale3.5185
26Corncrake Ale3.4120
27Everyday Ale3.3514
28Summer Ale3.3112
29Funnel Cake Ale (State Fair Of Texas Beer)3.4445
33Dead Horse Amber Ale3.3488
34Mild Ale3.1357
35Sea Dog Owl's Head Light Ale2.6718
36Passenger Ale3.0651