Top Rated Beers: Milk / Sweet Stout

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Top Rated Beers: Milk / Sweet Stout
    Avg Ratings
2Kentucky Christmas Morning4.55253
4All That Is And All That Ever Will Be4.54143
5Single Shot W/ Vanilla Bean4.48205
6Single Shot4.43372
8Cafe Con Leche Stout4.46220
9Barrel Aged The Jones Dog4.41429
10Stone Xocoveza4.333,743
11El Lechedor (Apple Brandy Barrel-Aged)4.5585
12Three Hour Tour4.38294
13German Chocolate Cupcake Stout4.4218
14Apple Brandy GBS4.43154
15Christmas Morning4.36310
16Bourbon GBS (Gingerbread Stout)4.31660
17Cowbell Imperial Oatmeal Milk Stout4.34309
18Gingerbread Stout4.261,382
20Rush Hour - Breakfast Stout4.36115
21Naughty Sauce4.28260
22Café Royale4.24741
23Lakewood Bourbon Barrel Temptress4.27257
24Fudge Bucket4.3787
25Chris Banker / Insurgente / Stone Xocoveza - Charred4.22516
26That's What She Said4.21600
27Imperial Hyper Dog4.24205
28Unchained Series Batch No. 23 - Dark Infusión (A Coffee Milk Stout)4.3381
29Coconut Jones Dog4.26124
30Lakewood French Quarter Temptress4.22178
31Coffee Breath4.377
32Hunter Vanilla4.17394
33Man's Milk4.24100
36El Lechedor4.15180
38Bourbon Barrel Aged Moloko4.13218
39Barrel Aged Neapolitan Milk Stout4.12255
40Cafe Con Leche4.2170
41Coconut Milk Stout4.2553
44Most Important Beverage Of The Day4.2261
45The Harbinger Hazelnut Coffee Imperial Sweet Stout4.1884
46Milk Stout Nitro America's Stout4.082,614
47Six Grain4.268
48Terrapin Moo-HooChiato4.09523
49Game Of Jones4.1314
50Nitro Merlin4.13136
51Black Watch Double Chocolate Milk Stout4.1968
52Lakewood Molé Temptress4.12157
53Biggie S'mores4.1774
54¡Viva La Beaver!4.2152
55Flying Monkeys The Chocolate Manifesto4.08390
56Lakewood Sin Mint Temptress4.12126
57Option #2 Imperial Milk Stout4.1769
58Bourbon Barrel Aged Hunter4.12106
59Very Mad Cow4.06525
60Lakewood The Temptress4.05733
61Imperial End Of Days4.06289
62Milk Stout4.07201
63Ulster Breakfast Stout4.09121
64Human Kindness4.1846
65Marshmallow Milk Stout4.1188
66Soft Serv4.1747
67Mackeson Triple XXX Stout4.04665
68Milk & Cookies Stout4.06209
69Short's Cup A Joe Coffee Creme Stout4.03750
70Young's Double Chocolate Stout4.025,735
71Little Red Roostarr Coffee Cream Stout4.04234
72Peanut Butter Milk Stout4.02936
73Elsie's Irish Coffee Milk Stout4.1348
74The Warden4.1156
75Lakewood Raspberry Temptress4.05139
76Absence Of Light4.03262
78Broken Dream4.0779
80Schlafly Milk Chocolate Stout4.1145
81Jule Mælk4.04116
82Irish Coffee Stout4.02183
83ERIC More Cowbell! Chocolate Milk Stout4.02179
84Mr. Hyde (SmallBar Collaboration)4.02175
85Imperial Jo4.0491
88Imperial Chocolate Mudbank Milk Stout4.0754
89Lugene Chocolate Milk Stout3.99954
90Bittersweet Nitro Imperial Coffee Milk Stout4.0655
91Coconut Joe4.0380
92Abita Select Macchiato Espresso Milk Stout3.99318
93Hazelutely Choctabulous4.0293
94Beer For Breakfast Stout3.98720
95Mad Cow3.99208
96Mad Nibs4.0356
97(512) Cascabel Cream Stout3.99146
98Strongman Coffee Milk Stout4102
100Udder Love3.98144
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