Top Rated Beers: Berliner Weissbier

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Top Rated Beers: Berliner Weissbier
    Score Ratings
1Miami Madness4.58380
2Dragon Fruit Passion Fruit Berliner4.52380
3Imperial Raz Bu4.54139
4Bretta Rosé4.41896
5Imperial Stone Bu4.52132
6Berry Bu4.43178
7Boysenberry Bu4.43124
8Peach Bu4.36199
10Imperial Blu Bu4.39113
11Solstice D'été Aux Framboises4.27380
12Imperial Berry Bu4.35112
13Ever Weisse4.25610
14Athena Paradiso W/ Cranberry, Raspberry, Tart Cherry4.3587
15Cran Bu4.29128
16The Eleventh Labor4.4351
17Star Of The North: Berlin Style Wheat Beer4.24226
18Athena Paradiso - Passion Fruit And Guava4.3377
19Brettanomyces Lambicus Berliner Style Weisse4.22236
21Ching Ching4.22222
22Thumbprint Berliner Weiss4.171,468
23Cucumber Ginger Berliner Weisse4.374
24Haterade STUSH Berliner4.2966
26Berliner Weisse With Passion Fruit And Mango4.3155
27Bu Weisse4.15367
28Maiden Fields4.19141
30Field Rotation4.2373
31Afternoon Delight4.295
323 Scoops: Passionfruit, Lemonade, Mango4.4327
33Blackberry Orange Pop!4.18115
34Key Lime Berliner4.19101
35Professor Fritz Briem 1809 Berliner Weisse4.11,417
36Yuzu Fierce4.13194
38Summer Breeze4.2254
39Athena Paradiso4.2250
40Key Sublime4.2933
42Frucht: Boysenberry4.1676
43MF Choom4.3327
44Weisse Weisse Baby - Lemon Coconut4.11135
45Passionfruit Sour Ale4.08290
46Do You Even Sudachi, Bro?4.2338
47Berliner Weisse4.08225
49Cody Austin Joose4.3720
50Bruery Terreux / J. Wakefield Taking My Talents To: Anaheim, California4.2237
51Tropical Super Itchy4.2531
52Rainbow Sherbet4.2827
54Bretta Weisse4.06399
55Key Lime Sublime4.2334
57Key Lime Pie Berliner4.3123
58Watermelon Warhead4.2727
59Miles Away4.1367
61Haole Punch4.2627
62Das Froot4.1842
64Boysen Raspberry Pop!4.1841
65Untitled Art / Forager Brewing - Florida Weisse4.1938
66Frucht: Passion Fruit4.08123
68Three Little Birds Berliner Weisse4.1354
69Weiss Trash Culture4.05233
70Galaxy Pop!4.1934
72Weisse Weisse Baby4.06154
73Tropical 'Itch4.1351
74Order of Hermes4.3119
75Gimme Swelter4.4413
76Citra Pop!4.3218
77Hopvine Bling4.0975
79STUSH (Basic Berlinerweisse)4.06123
80King Of Tarts4.1832
81J. Wakefield / Bruery Terreux Taking My Talents To: Miami4.2621
82Pineapple Pop!4.1245
83Incorrigible Reserve4.03229
84Berlin Alexanderplatz4.1244
85Apricot Weiss4.0867
86Prairie Weisse4.03200
87Frucht: Yumberry4.0957
88Mango Pop!4.0957
89Berliner Weisse With Passion Fruit & Pink Guava4.2916
90Raspberry Blush4.0593
92Untitled Art / Forager Brewing - Blackberry Berliner Weisse4.2419
93Abby Popsicle (Andall) With Lychee, Blood Orange, Calamondin4.4111
94Dune Fruit4.03140
95Raspberry Berliner Weisse4.0584
96Mainer Weisse4.01322
97Passionfruit Berliner Weisse4.3612
98Arrows Of Neon4.0667
99Frucht: Raspberry4.3313
100Teleport Massive4.314