Top Rated Beers: American Pale Wheat Ale

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Top Rated Beers: American Pale Wheat Ale
    Avg Ratings
4A Little Sumpin' Sumpin' Ale4.198,822
5Fortunate Islands4.121,110
6Jungle Boogie4.16206
8Fortunate Islands - Grapefruit Zest4.11171
9Akari Shogun4724
10Crispy Little4.2560
1110-Speed Hoppy Wheat4.1472
12White Gold3.96401
1380 Acre Hoppy Wheat3.931,679
14Thank You4.0389
15Rarefied Air4.1646
17Bell's Mango Habanero Oberon Ale3.99102
18Chasing Rabbits3.98110
20She Shot First3.9998
21Broken Promises3.9786
22Bell's Uberon3.93124
23Infinite Jest4.0748
24Bell's Oberon Ale3.846,776
25Orange Oak3.94107
26Hop Sun (Summer Wheat Beer)3.841,468
27Fandom Ale: Fusion XXXIX 3.9585
28Lemongrass Wheat Ale3.9137
29Steady Eddie3.9487
30Jerkface 90003.9670
31Great Lakes Miami Weiss3.9479
32Tallgrass Halcyon Unfiltered Wheat3.84358
33Golden Beach Pale Wheat3.9859
34Alpha Weizen3.9661
35Contact High3.8496
36Odell Easy Street Wheat3.79562
38Fake Plastic Trees3.9348
39Bell's Wedding Ale3.82144
40Shark Meets Hipster3.8498
41Hoppy Wheat3.8165
43Native Ginger Wheat3.81115
443 Citrus Peel Out3.78206
45Razz Wheat3.78176
46Mahalo, Apollo!3.8752
47Peak Organic Summer Session Ale3.76315
48Yellow Dwarf Wheat3.8845
49Revolver Blood And Honey3.74551
50Lily & Seamus3.8547
51Lá Bealtaine3.8545
52Starburst Wheat3.76146
53Samuel Adams Hopscape3.73502
54White Chocolate Ale3.76136
55Oh, Me So Hoppy To Wheat You3.7794
56Willy Vanilly3.73281
57Sun Block3.72297
58Grass Monkey3.75103
59Sandy Wheat3.7772
60Are Wheat There Yet?3.74123
61Honey Lav3.849
62Sun Crusher3.7951
64Schlafly Yakima Wheat Ale3.7231
657th Street Wheat3.7385
66Passion Fruit Kicker3.69402
67California Spring Beer3.7370
68Pink Fuzz3.7454
69Ophelia Hoppy Wheat Ale3.68398
70Summer Wheat Ale3.7446
71Slammer Wheat3.7175
72Mango Wheat3.783
73Elevator Mogabi3.7160
74Wandering Wheat3.7248
76Me So Honey3.67109
79Wheatstone Bridge3.6771
80Watershed Wheat3.6763
81Thai Wheat3.6847
82Bearded Lady3.65115
83Blood Ov The Kings3.64189
84Whitewater Hoppy Wheat Ale3.64130
86Shenanigans Summer Ale3.63184
88Sundown Wheat3.63100
89400 Divine Rabbits3.6389
90Crash Landed3.6387
91White Ale3.62168
92Humboldt Haze3.6368
93Key Lime Contact High3.6260
94Pachyderm Pale Wheat3.6255
95Hunny Do3.6248
96Big Blue Van3.6152
98Montana Trout Slayer Wheat Ale3.6769
99Funk Blueberry Citrus Wheat3.6263
100Wet Hot American Wheat3.59171
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