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In our travel issue, take a tour of the brown bars of Amsterdam, journey in search of Chicha through Peru’s sacred valley, learn where to drink like a local in Brisbane, discover the forgotten brewing traditions of northeastern France, and meet the determined men and women pioneering a beer scene in Mississippi. Cover illustration by Brittany Molineux.

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What's BeerAdvocate Magazine?

BeerAdvocate is a quarterly magazine that celebrates beer, its culture, its history, and its community. Since launching in 2006, the goal of BeerAdvocate has been to provide fresh, honest, and insightful stories on beer and brewing. To date, our talented contributors have won 12 awards from the North American Guild of Beer Writers for their work.

In each 112-page issue, readers can expect to find the following, and more:
  • In-depth longreads on beer’s most interesting trends, people, and places
  • Profiles on noteworthy bars and breweries
  • Expert homebrewing tips and recipes
  • Candid interviews with influential brewers
  • A travel guide to an exciting beer scene
  • Stunning photography and original artwork
  • Beer reviews from the Alström brothers
BeerAdvocate magazine: The very best in beer. Four times a year.
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