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Respect Beer®

Here at BeerAdvocate, Respect Beer® has been our personal tag, motto, foundation, and important part of what we do for years now. We first coined the term when we realized that it's essential for everyone to drink and think differently if we hope to raise beer's perception amongst the masses and enhance the overall appreciation for this awesome social lubricant that we all love.

So, with that in mind, the following tips will aid you in maximizing your overall enjoyment and ensuring that you have a safe journey through the world of beer. We've also include "Beer Fest Tips" that apply to our beer fests, but can also be applied to most any beer fests or tastings.

First, Keep It Real.

As stated, beer is the ultimate social lubricant and a beverage that's meant to be fun, enjoyed, and celebrated. However, some who "mature" into craft beers tend to become beer snobs (different than beer geeks) and take things a bit too seriously, thus giving the rest of us a bad name.

Appreciate What You're Drinking.

Beer has an amazing history that's wrapped in culture and embraced by people who are passionate about brewing, selling, serving, and supporting it. All of this deserves some thought and respect.

So don't just drink the beer. Note the beer's appearance, how it smells and tastes. Savor each beer as if it's your last, and you'll be that much closer to beerdom. And, despite what the beer impaired think, talking to others about what you're experiencing and taking notes is not being a geek. It can be fun and, at the same time, aids in training your palate and beer vocabulary. Learn more ...

Drink Responsibly.

We've all heard this before, but it's important. Even a small amount of beer can impair your judgement, so don't put yourself in a position where you can harm yourself, others, or turn into a complete fool.

Here are some ways to acheive this:
    Drink Better. Drink Less.
    There's plenty of beer to be had, with plenty of time, so pace yourself. Drink for flavor, not just for impact. Always practice moderation when drinking. Get to know your limits, and don't exceed them. If you feel that moment of absolute cheer, take a break, grab a water and some food.

    Beer Fest Tips: Respect festival pour rules. At our fests we now have a 2oz pour per individual tasting limit - that's monitored. It's Massachusetts State Law, and allows you to enjoy more beer responsibly. And, providing you hydrate & eat before and throughout the fest, we recommend no more than 8 - 2oz beer tastings per hour (one US pint); this may vary based on the individual.

    Hydrate & Eat.
    Water is your friend. Drink plenty of it, to help detoxify and counteract the alcohol stripping water from your system.

    Eating also replenishes the system, slows down your rate of consumption, and helps to absorb alcohol so you don't find yourself inebriated after a few beers. However, though eating will slow the absorption of alcohol, it won't necessarily stop its impact.

    Beer Fest Tips: Any proper beer fest will have water on hand. At our fests, we sell water for $1 a bottle. We recommend drinking a bottle of water every hour or two. We also recommend eating before or during the fest. Please visit our food vendors for some tasty eats to pair with you beer. Your entire fest experience will be enhanced if you eat!

    Know Your ABVs.
    Not all beers are alike, and many of today's beers can be rather high in alcohol, and in sneaky way. We're talking 7 to 25 percent alcohol by volume (ABV)! Find out what the ABV of a beer is before you consume.

    Beer Fest Tips: We list as much ABV info as possible on our site and guide listings. If an ABV is not listed, please ask the brewer or pourer.
While everyone might have their own interpretation of the term, this is what we meant when we coined the term: Respect Beer. If you've got any comments, send 'em our way.