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Launched in Boston in 1996, BeerAdvocate.com is founded on three core principles: content, discussion, and discovery. We're a virtual decoder ring to the wider world of ales and lagers and the single oldest beer community onlineā€”a source for guidance, gossip, and, ultimately, a greater appreciation of one of the most culturally significant beverages on the planet. We also happen to think it's damn delicious.

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BeerAdvocate.com reaches over 3 million unique visitors every month, and for more than two decades has been a voice for beer consumers, a champion of brewers and breweries, a reporter of trends, and a defender of tradition. The heart of our active community consists of hundreds of thousands of passionate enthusiasts and professionals who are dedicated to supporting and promoting better beer in North America and beyond.

Sponsoring BeerAdvocate.com provides a unique opportunity to reach our community of users through an organic association with our brand, while clearly showing them that you support our continued development, growth, and success as champions of beer. Another option is to become a festival sponsor, which provides brands with an opportunity to reach our ticket holders and industry attendees while clearly demonstrating your support for independent craft breweries and the greater beer community.

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