Oldies but Goodies Thread - Keeping the Classics Alive

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    I felt this extra intro paragraph necessary, if you just want the gist of the thread skip it.

    Honestly, in light of the recent appreciation thread talk I was hesitant to create this thread so soon cause I didn’t want it to come as “in your face” here’s another appreciation thread. But a few posts have brought this old thread (linked below) up over the past few weeks, not just in the appreciation thread debate either. If there is a desire for it I figured I’d start it up again. I was planning to anyway, just felt like bad timing with that thread. Also, heck, no one’s saying get rid of these sort of threads either, it’s just a "where do they go" debate, that is except for the “yes there are too many. Make it stop” crowd, if you’re in that group, I’m sorry, around 80% of us feel otherwise. Anyway…

    Original Thread Link: https://www.beeradvocate.com/commun...s-a-classics-appreciation-thread-2023.671138/


    I created this thread last year in an attempt to promote all the great classic craft beers that sometimes get overlooked these days, you know, the ones that have been around a long time that sometimes we forget about...regional, national, international, etc. This idea seems even more important in light of the recent closing of Anchor, or insert whatever beer, or even brewery, you wish was still around. In the end it is up to us to make sure these beers don’t disappear. So there in lies the point of this thread:

    Remind one another of the beers that have stood the test of time, that you maybe haven’t had in a while. I know whenever I revisit an old beer I usually wonder why the hell I hadn’t bought it in so long. Well, there is a lot of beer out there now, so all the better to remind one another of those beers, or introduce these beers to others who may have not had them or even heard of them before.

    Open up a beer, tell us why it’s special to you or what you love about it; tell us a story; post your favorites, whatever, all in the name of keeping the classic beers of craft alive. I'll let BA do with it what it will...

    I will start with the first beer I ever sought out via trade, from someone on a phish message board :grin: I hadn’t had this beer since that bottle back then. Thank you @snaotheus for helping with getting me not one, but two bottles. So I open with what I think could be considered an undisputed classic…

    Alaskan Brewing - Smoked Porter


    Back the first time I sought this out it was because the thought of a beer brewed in Alaska with wood from there just seemed like such a special and cool idea. It’s a perfectly balanced smokey delight, bright smoke on the nose; comes off richer in taste, nice dark roasty notes with some bitterness, drinks very nice for its abv too.

    Crack open an oldie but goodie sometime soon and keep these beers alive and well. Cheers everyone :beers:

    @cjgiant @ChicagoJ @PapaGoose03
  2. MrOH

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    Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout and Old Rasputin. Probably the first Imperial Stouts most of us BAs over 40 ever had. I still like both of them better than most of the newer, hipper RISs out now.
    BBCS ages very well. I had the privilege of having one that had spent 14 years in the fridge at my aunt and uncle's lake home (I think my cousin's first husband left it in there, and after they split, not much in the way of beer drinkers in the family outside of me.) Tasted like ruby port and cocoa.
  3. jonphisher

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    Last year’s thread is what convinced me to finally buy Old Rasputin. It was just never a style I sought out but wow, after drinking it I ended up buying it multiple times again after that. Loved how bitter and rich it was.
  4. bullwinkle88

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    I’ve had a hankering for a Dale’s pale ale
  5. jonphisher

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    See you later this weekend :slight_smile::beers:
  6. TheMattJones88

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    I revisited some Smuttynose beers recently. Finestkind IPA still holds up as a great IPA. Good amount of bitterness, which is always welcome in my mind. Old Brown Dog Brown Ale was great too. Brought back memories of being in college.
  7. jonphisher

    jonphisher Grand Pooh-Bah (3,436) Aug 9, 2015 New Jersey
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    I have an Ellie’s Brown in the fridge at the moment. I’d love to revisit finest kind at some point but I haven’t seen in a while, I’ll keep an eye out.
  8. KP7

    KP7 Savant (1,101) Feb 8, 2021 Massachusetts

    Old Brown Dog was a staple for me in college as well--I used to arrive at parties with a personal 6 pack of it while everyone else drank dog piss and rubbing alcohol. Definitely need to grab a pack again. I've got a single Robust Porter in the fridge that I'm looking forward to.
  9. Providence

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    I had both at the source last year after having neither for quite a while. So fucking good, especially the porter.
  10. KP7

    KP7 Savant (1,101) Feb 8, 2021 Massachusetts

    That's great to hear. My problem is that I don't drink much and always overload the fridge from Jack's Abby runs. Gotta find a lull and fill it with some Smutty.
  11. JackHorzempa

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    Earlier this evening I drank a Von Trapp/Human Robot collaboratively brewed Pilsner. I would suggest you add some Von Trapp brewed beers to your list as well.

  12. Beersnake

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    Old Rasputin changed my life. I remember the moment. I was visiting Seattle and a friend bought me a glass (on tap). I was blown away. That started my stout journey (it was a long time ago!).
  13. Beersnake

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    Thanks for getting this thread going again! I am planning to revisit a bunch of classics this year. It's funny - despite all of the advances in brewing and the new ways of spinning styles, the classics still reign supreme. Classic American barleywines, Belgian style ales, and German lagers. I mean, they just can't be replaced!
  14. DarkDragon999

    DarkDragon999 Savant (1,147) Feb 13, 2013 Rhode Island

    The problem with these "old classics" is that their prices have all gone up from what they were a decade ago and the quality of beer is the same so you have to justify if its worth it since there are other options out there.

    For example, Long Trail Ale/Double Bag are old classics to me but a decade ago I used to get 6 packs of it for 7.49 or 7.99 and now those beers are 11.49 and close to 12 bucks. So Im questioning if its worth it compared to some brewery doing 16 oz can 4 packs for 12 bucks for a better quality beer. I'd say I'll get the old classics once in a while due to nostalgia but I wont buy them regularly. I just got some Breckenridge Vanilla Porter which is another old classic but it was 12.99 which is overpriced for what it is compared to what it used to be and I think Id rather get some better quality 4 pack 16 oz cans for the same price.

    Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout is actually one of the best deals you can get for a old classic because its like 15.99 and its a 6 pack, not a 4 pack of 10% abv.
  15. jonphisher

    jonphisher Grand Pooh-Bah (3,436) Aug 9, 2015 New Jersey
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    I just grabbed Bigfoot for the first time in I can’t even remember. It’s definitely been 10+ years at least. I’m very much looking forward to it in the coming days/weeks, whenever I decide to open it.
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  16. KP7

    KP7 Savant (1,101) Feb 8, 2021 Massachusetts

    Oh I very much agree. I grabbed their summer variety pack a few years ago and it started me off on pale craft styles. I'd always felt that if I was going to spend craft money I'd stick to my favorite styles. But their Bohemian Pilsner and Kolsch rapidly changed my mind. Despite being one state away, their distribution is a bit spotty in my area. Their Dunkel and Rauchbier are on my list to seek out and try for the first time.
  17. DarkDragon999

    DarkDragon999 Savant (1,147) Feb 13, 2013 Rhode Island

    Bigfoot 2024 tasted like a stale old expired DIPA to me. Wonder if anyone else felt that.
  18. DarkDragon999

    DarkDragon999 Savant (1,147) Feb 13, 2013 Rhode Island

    Spotty distribution in Mass ? Hmmm. I wouldnt say its spotty in RI. Their beers are practically in every liquor store. I just had their Trosten Lager (smoked lager) and that one isnt in every store and is harder to find.
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  19. Tilley4

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    Another Smuttynose Finest Kind vote. ..I can't get it locally but I do miss that beer.... agreed on Old Rasputin too....can't get those locally anymore either...
  20. KP7

    KP7 Savant (1,101) Feb 8, 2021 Massachusetts

    We're saying the same thing. When one of your core beers is harder to find, that is a bit spotty. I can get all the Pilsner, Helles, and variety packs I want, but not always the two I mentioned above.
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