Samuel Adams Double Bock

by: BeerAdvocate on 01-31-2007
One of the old-school releases we anticipate most every year is Samuel Adams Double Bock, a traditional German-style Doppelbock that’s released between mid-January and March to celebrate the impending onset of spring (please be soon). In past articles, we’ve discussed what the style entails, and what the name means, so we’ll spare you a lengthy repeat. Simply put, Doppelbocks are strong, robust, malty and lively lagers with a rich brewing history.

Whenever there’s a new SADB release, we stock up on two or three cases each, and slowly drink them throughout the winter months. But it’s been a while since we sat down with one and really gave it a good listen. Let’s crack one open and hear what it has to say.

The Taste
Samuel Adams Double Bock from the Boston Beer CompanyOut of the 12-ounce brown bottle pours a coppery-colored beer infused with ruby hues and topped with a beige cream lace. The distinctly clean lager aroma is a bit sugary and boozy, with some alcohol spice, and steely caramel in the nose. Full and rich-bodied, with a near-chewy center. Creamy, silky mouthfeel. Tremendous malty base, with a deep-rooted non-cloying sweetness and a juiciness reminiscent of overripe stone fruits—meaty and fleshy. Suggestions of booze-soaked banana bread, toasted grains, burnt sugars, slight leathery bite, with a spicy and warming alcohol and soft vanilla bean notes emerging under the caramel base. Hops are quite delicate, but present with suggestions of pine, watery citrus rinds and flora. Whispers of smoke? Perhaps. Finishes with a big, rounded residual sweetness and a touch of fresh dark breads, but all in all, it’s rather clean.

Final Thoughts
This is still one bold, rich, robust, malty beer! In fact, Samuel Adams claims that a half a pound of malt is used for each bottle (in other words, a lot), which certainly explains the depth of its complexities and its whopping 8.8 percent ABV.

We recommend serving SADB at roughly 45 degrees, and in a Pilsner-style glass (or a similar long, slender glass) to showcase its rich color. We’ve also had a lot of experience bathing steaks and tips in this beer. Simply get yourself a good piece of marbled beef, drop it into an airtight container with the beer and refrigerate for 24 hours—feel free to season or tenderize beforehand, but it’s not required. Trust us, it’s truly awesome. You can also reduce the leftover beer juice into a drizzle (drop us a note if you want the recipe). Oh, and don’t hesitate to pair this with your favorite cigar.

Samuel Adams Double Bock is available now, generally for less than $8 per six-pack.

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