Pumpkin Pie Dubbel
Bruz Beers

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Belgian Dubbel
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Bruz Beers
Colorado, United States
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maybe more of a belgian brown ale than a dubbel, as its a little light in body and a little low in alcohol for what i am used to out of a dubbel, but i dont care, i think this is delicious, and one of the more unique pumpkin beers i have had this season. its deem amber in color, short of brown but well past red, clearish, and with a thin but rising tan head at the top. smells unique, i love the combination of usual pumpkin beer fall spices and then the very unique addition of belgian yeast, why have these two things not been combined until now? i love the spicy yeast with the fall spices, where yeast derived esters of anise and clove stop and where cinnamon and nutmeg additions begin is hard to tell, and i think thats really cool. its no over spiced in the least, and while i dont taste any real squash in here at all, i think they got the pie spices just right, it really hits the mark. subtle tobacco and earth in here, a little crystal cooked malt and brown sugar sweetness too, maybe a touch of chocolate malt too, but the belgian yeast helps it finish dry for what it is.i get light acidity in here too which seems a little out of place, breaking down the structure i kind of want in the body, not really sure why thats there, its not a bad thing, just a weird wrinkle, becomes just a touch astringent in the finish when it warms. overall though this is awesome beer, a great combination of styles that really work well together, it has me inspired for other belgian fall beers, these same flavors would be nice in a true dubbel or even a quad as well. really nicely done, inventive and festive and delicious!

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Pumpkin Pie Dubbel from Bruz Beers
Beer rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings