Stone Brew
Lake Louie Brewery Company

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American Strong Ale
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Lake Louie Brewery Company
Wisconsin, United States
Retired (no longer brewed)
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(1/2 Gallon growler.)
Udderly style-defiant. Maybe a German Strong Ale? An UberSticke?

This is based on the old time tradition of stone beer. Geologists from UW Madison were enlisted to help seek out the specific stones. Couple that with the fact that Lake Louie got assistance from Capital Brewery and Angelic Brew Co, and you get some idea of the clout behind this beer.
Twilight golden body. Perfectly clear. Tight, frosting-like head with lace to spare. Moderate and steady carbonation.
Nose is overflowing with nuts, bread and toasted malts. Very inviting, without giving too much away.
Flavor rests between an alt and a doppelbock (no surprise that Capital was enlisted to help). Best comparison is Capital's Autumnal Fire hybred with Tyranena's Headless Man Amber Alt, but with significant additions....maibock, brown ale..etc. (but this description won't mean much outside of WI). Lots of nuts up front coupled with a subdued caramel sweetness. Turns bready, and dryer. Then the toasted aspects emerge. Buttery (non-diacetyl) with hues of fresh popcorn. Nuttiness returns with an entire assortment of mixed (roasted) nuts. Finishes with some slightly spicy and grassy hops that do just enough to make things absolutely perfect.
Medium-full bodied, and wonderfully smooth. Udderly caresses the mouth. Carbonation is exactly right. It makes you not want to swallow.
This is a big beer (I'd guess roughly 7-8%), but it drinks half it strength. This is real deal artisanal stuff.
Sadly, (from what I have heard) this will not be brewed again due to the labor involved.
I am truly blessed to have sampled this. An all-timer

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Stone Brew from Lake Louie Brewery Company
Beer rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings