2002 Double Bastard magnum

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  1. Mygerbmobile

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    I have an unopened bottle kept in a cool basement that I bought in 2002. I was wandering if it how long it will still be drinkable. I was trying to do some research on it and found this awesome site. I am a big fan of Stone Brewery and have been drinking their beers since they were available here in Columbus Ohio. Thanks for any help in advance!
  2. Hoppedelic

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    Haven't had that beer that old but even at 5 years old the aged bottles I've had tasted oxidized so expect that. It's not necessarily a bad thing but all you can do at this point is open it up and report back in this thread.
  3. jmdrpi

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    With less head space to volume ratio, I believe larger format bottles should age slower - so you may be fine. I am still working my way through a case of the 2010 release - drinking one bottle every 6 months to a year - and it's still drinking good.
  4. Mygerbmobile

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    Thanks for the reply...Stone was gonna build a brewery here in Columbus...but we got a Brew Dog instead...not a bad trade off....thanks again
  5. youradhere

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    I know what you should do on the next three day weekend party...

    It will likely taste a bit faded but good nonetheless, and is a beer most non beer snobs will drink given the age (most people I share with think “ew why do you want to drink old beer?”)
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    16 years old? Oh my. It had a strong malt base so hopefully, it will only suffer some oxidation that I hope is fairly pleasant. I don't think I have read of someone holding a bottle that long. Good luck with it.
  7. dlcarst

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    Let us know! Many of us are aging this beer and would love to know how it ages long term.
  8. oldbean

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    You can look at check-ins by vintage on Untappd. Looks promising!

  9. jmdrpi

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