2003 Sam Addams Utopias

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  1. Mksnod80

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    Hello! My husband and I were given a 2003 Sam Addams unopened Utopia quite a few years ago. We have been hanging onto it and we’re wondering if it was still good? We are not beer buffs :slight_smile:
  2. youradhere

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    Yes it should be quite good. It was brewed to something like 27% alcohol so it should age akin to port or fortified wine even. I would imagine it tastes pretty good, a nice cold weather sipper, probably best poured into small sherry glasses as I can’t see anyone drinking a pint of this stuff in one sitting. I hear the bottles are good for years once opened, so you can have it out as a special occasion treat or something I’d imagine. You can open it now or in 30 years, I don’t see Utopias ever “going bad”.
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    @youradhere is correct, it can age indefinitely. One tip I have for you once you open it is to drink it closer to room temperature. I made the mistake of chilling down the dram I had. Drank the first half and didn't like it because the alcohol was so apparent. I let the other half get down to room temp and it was delicious, reminded me of port wine. Enjoy it!
  4. youradhere

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    I’ve only been lusting after a bottle now for 10 years lol. They don’t distribute out here, almost got to get my hands on a bottle in MT one year, but they sold it before I could make it over to see family in the area.
  5. SFACRKnight

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    Some friends and I go in on bottles when we find them. So worth it. It's not a beer in any way really.