2009 Anchor Old Foghorn, too old?

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    HIGHPA Initiate (138) Aug 21, 2008 Illinois

    I just pulled a 09 Old Foghorn out of my cellar. I have one left after this one. The last one I opened was 4 years ago, so it was 5 years old. It was really good. Little to no oxidation. Very good malt character with slight boozey flavor and a little bit of hop. But I wonder if aging beyond this will do any good. I will know more once I crack this 09, but should I go for 10+ with the other. Anybody have any luck with extended collating of Old Foghorn 10+ years? Any info or thoughts are welcomed.
    P.S. I have a 08 Bigfoot I'm waiting to pop. Any luck with that either?
  2. DIM

    DIM Poo-Bah (2,358) Sep 28, 2006 Pennsylvania

    I opened an 08 Bigfoot a few weeks ago and it was perfect. Enjoy.
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  3. youradhere

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    I would say that “is it good” is completely subjective- I’m a fan of sweeter and maltier barleywines. “Dried out” RIS and bwines is a bad thing in my book, I want something decadent and rich, heavy and sweet. If a beer can hold those qualities over the years, then it is a good beer. If it starts out sweet and finishes dry, that is a deminished return in my book.

    Some people like how Bigfoot dries/thins out after a bunch of years; some people like what I see as a “thinner” profile of Old Foghorn.

    Myself liking barleywines and RIS more substantial in sweetness and body, would say that Old Foghorn at 10 years is like a paper air freshener at 10 years- if you really try, you can almost remember what it originally smelled like 10 years earlier.

    So it depends on what you think of dry imperials and Old Foghorn to begin with. I find OF to be an “okay” beer, aging it to me sounds like something fun to do for the heck of it and science, but I havent be investing in OF for cellaring for a reason.

    TL/DR: maybe, drink them and let us know!
  4. Pabobcat

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    I hope, I have an 06 and another that I'm not sure of the age but around there.
  5. LuskusDelph

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    I wish I could get Old Foghorn...nobody in NJ seems to carry it. :rolling_eyes:
    Last time I had it, it was on draft, more than 12 years ago, at The OldBay restaurant (now closed) in New Brunswick (needless to say, it was incredibly delicious).
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  6. youradhere

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    Sorry to hear that, Anchor is one of those breweries that gets lumped into the “too big to be tasty” camp in these parts, given the embarrassment of riches.
  7. dbrauneis

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    I have not seen Anchor Old Foghorn in years either here on the East Coast (and I have lived in the NYC area, NJ, and NC).
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    Been 3 years for me.
  9. RDMII

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    Always available in/around Atlanta. I've had a 9yr old Old Foghorn and enjoyed it, though it was pretty oxidized.

    The Bigfoot will be straight cardboard, guaranteed.