2014 Bourbon County Brands release - Chicagoland

Discussion in 'Great Lakes' started by Jaycase, Nov 24, 2014.

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  1. fatdeets

    fatdeets Initiate (83) May 19, 2014 Illinois

    this beer really brings out the worst in people. they should probably just stop making it.
  2. Jonnyhiggs

    Jonnyhiggs Initiate (0) Dec 7, 2012 Illinois

    the fact is that "regular" is an unmeasurable term that these employees use to justify what they do. Make it all a lottery. Make it a brewery only release. Shit, go hand out tickets outside and if you dont get a ticket, you know not to waste your time. It's the secrecy and shady bullshit I have experienced this year that is making me go crazy and no one seems to do anything about it. Announce how many cases you have. And don't get me wrong, it's not just Binnys. Most of these shops in Chicago all have their little cult following. Capones, Vavs, I can go on and on. I know distributors are pushing products on these stores. I know demand outweighs supply. I was a place on Black Friday that promised this big release and they had 6 bottles of each variant. 100 people left with nothing. But make it somewhat fair. Archer Liquors did a fair release that if you bought $25 you got a token. Later they said the token was the right to purchase BCS. Im cool with that. If you want to reward "regulars", then start a reward system. More you purchase, more points you earn. you can cash in points to reserve bottles. I mean, it's measurable. It can be proven. I dont always drink beer. I drink bourbon, wine, vodka..Shit, I even like margaritas on a hot summer day.

    Just do something. if you want to reward regulars, let me know what that means. If you want to be bribed, let me know what your price is. if you want to charge $60 a bottle, dont make me buy a 6-pack of Honker's ale. I can see why people a few years ago were getting out of the "beer game". It's not becoming fun.
  3. ShortHop

    ShortHop Initiate (0) Apr 24, 2008 Illinois

    You can. It's called "cashing a check."
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  4. Cholansky1

    Cholansky1 Initiate (0) Apr 12, 2013 Illinois

    Nothing but a bunch of clowns talking shit about the guy working at Binny's but then again, it's the same clowns who think their Darkness should trade 1:1 for vanilla rye then also say that their vanilla rye should be 1:1 with DDG, trying to hype up the value of Chicago beers. If the small mom and pop stores treat you better than Binny's in your opinion, go shop there instead of Binny's - Simple. When the mom and pop store starts holding beer for you, you can go to sleep at night knowing you're a "regular" who gets special treatment. Why is there so much butt hurt in Chicago regarding BEER? No matter if you're a beer guy, garbageman, banker, flip burgers at McD's, etc., people work hard at their jobs so respect them for what they do. For you clowns to call them out publically and trash them about their job is laughable. Surely, craft beer seen in Michigan, California, Denver, Oregon, etc. has to be better than this garbage, right?
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  5. HugePrnceFan1999

    HugePrnceFan1999 Initiate (49) Nov 30, 2011 Indiana

    It's astonishing to see how angry people let limited release beer make them. And the egos displayed in this thread are really unreal. There are reasons that jobs exist and people fill these roles and are then able to live their lives in hopefully a way that they desire. If you love beer, why would you hate on someone who dedicates their time to helping make it available for you and others?

    Every job has its downfalls, and I have to imagine for the beer retail world the limited release and collector mentality is one of its biggest.

    Hypothetically here, why do people value being a regular? It really seems just so that they can get the more limited beer. I enjoy being a regular at Binny's because Adam acknowledges me which feels nice, and he offers me great recommendations. I ask him what he's found to be great lately, and often purchase it. He's around beer all the time, I trust his opinion. I've never asked him for rare beers. Here's a little secret -- limited beer is often disappointing. Save your frustrations and buy tested products that won't let you down. Don't fall victim to the hype. Oh, and if you're a regular at a store and buy limited beer to trade to someone for beers that excite you more, doesn't this negatively impact the chances that another buyer who regularly shops at a store from obtaining said beer? Living in a market such as Chicago there are so many options for amazing beer -- I don't understand the need to trade it. Some people just need to be extra hardcore, I guess.

    And the person who listed a bunch of beer stores after Binny's and included "vav's". You might not get it. Vav, who I referred to as Adam, is a manager at a Binny's. He works hard. He may not work at a bank, but he works hard and I commend him for what he does and the way I see him handle things. If I had to deal with the attitudes displayed on this forum I'd be a far angrier person. We're all people, and I think we work in all sorts of fields. Hating on someone for what they do and/or what their income may be compared to yours is a horribly negative trait.
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  6. HugePrnceFan1999

    HugePrnceFan1999 Initiate (49) Nov 30, 2011 Indiana

    Hi there. Where did you crawl out from? When stores get items to sell it's up to their discretion how many can be purchased by staff before they're sold to the general public. You mentioned Target and some super low-end TV (I thought you were a banker, bro). Do you think no Target employee purchased that before they opened the doors on Black Friday? I bet they did. This is a dated comparison, but remember when people would get excited about a CD or DVD release on Tuesdays? Guess what, store employees are buying those before the doors open as well.

    I don't know Vince, but it sounds like he purchased that bottle of beer. Employees get discounts, but I don't imagine he stole it. If you steal from your bank, you'd be breaking the law and would be fired if caught. If you used your bank discount for some super sweet free checking account or discounted home loan, you'd be rightfully taking advantage of the benefits of your employment. Sure, there's a difference because these benefits don't restrict the chances of customers to obtain the same products, and when you're talking about a physical item (heck, now a commodity) the insider purchases can result in a lower amount for customers. So what. Jobs come with perks.
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  7. mdomask

    mdomask Aspirant (208) May 27, 2012 Illinois

    I worked at Target between college and getting a real job. We were very much not allowed to purchase new releases before customers. BF deals doubly so.

    That said, I have no issue with employees getting a crack at some releases first. There have to be some perks to a retail job.
  8. mdomask

    mdomask Aspirant (208) May 27, 2012 Illinois

    Also, are we done with this portion of the thread yet:
    It's getting old :slight_frown:
  9. BeerGreg

    BeerGreg Disciple (366) May 17, 2013 Illinois

    And given the responses here (which probably only scratch the surface with the BS they put up with), those are well-deserved perks.
  10. Jonnyhiggs

    Jonnyhiggs Initiate (0) Dec 7, 2012 Illinois

    and ultimately, Im cool with that too. I really I am. If I was in charge of the store, I would announce "this is how many cases we have (for sale) Line starts at this time, first ### get a wristband/ticket/etc. this guarantees your allotment (which is XYZ beers). if you hold back a case or two for employees, fine but go the extra effort in not making these releases more painful than they had to be.
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  11. jpsy422

    jpsy422 Initiate (174) Jul 12, 2009 Illinois


    Do you get welcomed by name at your bottle shop? do you spend time there beyond "hey what whalezbro you got?" Being a regular isn't a "I spend $xxx per month" it's bring a fucking human to these people.

    I had a prop and a 4 pack held for me at a place and when I went in I had already picked up 3 4 packs and didn't need another. There was someone else there asking and they were "all out". I gave the guy my allotment and then talked with him and the owner for like 20 minutes about the release, what other Non-BCS releases were coming up and the guy ended up buying a big luscious and a 4 pack of Penrose - a brewery he'd never heard of. When the guy left the owner turned to me and said "and that's why we have a list"

    So yeah. That's the same as showing up to a grocery store an hour after everyone else and jumping to the front of the line, stealing food from shelves, and being obnoxiously loud.
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  12. ravot

    ravot Disciple (363) Mar 20, 2012 Illinois

    @blue-dream please don't lock this thread. instead, if you can just clean it up and send some warnings. that'd be appreciated.

    If anyone wants some BCBS 2013 on draft. head to whole foods in park ridge and get a drink. i believe it's dollar off all drafts today too.
  13. JakeT469

    JakeT469 Aspirant (277) Jan 13, 2012 Colorado

    Also, on draft at Tap House in Oswego is '13/'14 BCBS. However, unless you're really desperate to try it I wouldn't recommend it at $13/10oz! Ouch!
  14. ravot

    ravot Disciple (363) Mar 20, 2012 Illinois

    8 dollars for 8 ounces currently at the whole foods so not bad. Also, it's not dollar off drafts today, i was mistaken. i think it's either wednesday or thursdays but don't know if it'll last.
  15. Lansman

    Lansman Aspirant (260) Mar 19, 2011 Missouri

    The anger and disappointment showing through here is misdirected.

    When a place like Delilah's, who has been supporting Goose Island for 21 years, is allocated no BCBS and has to use internal contacts to get one case of regular BCBS at wholesale, it is clear what has happened from a Corporate perspective. That is both cringe-worthy and disappointing. ABInBev sales = BCBS, bottom line. That's the way it is, and there's little that can change it going forward.

    Expect Whole Foods, Walgreen's, Jewel, and Binny's to continue to receive a larger percentage of the already small allocation so long as folks continue to buy ABInBev product in massive quantities.
  16. mdomask

    mdomask Aspirant (208) May 27, 2012 Illinois

    Stop making sense.
  17. Darwensi

    Darwensi Initiate (177) Sep 7, 2007 New York

  18. ravot

    ravot Disciple (363) Mar 20, 2012 Illinois

    I've been buying BCBS at whole foods since 2009 and they've sold it before 2009 so they're definitely not a new market. This year was the first time whole foods was severely undercut in allocations. i can bet Walgreens in the city (proper) got more BCBS than the whole foods in the Chicagoland area. Only two stores received 'large' portions which weren't even large
    We'll see how it looks next year but you're not wrong though. whole foods will be opening more stores next year and they'll all get BCBS.
  19. HugePrnceFan1999

    HugePrnceFan1999 Initiate (49) Nov 30, 2011 Indiana

    Beer is a business and breweries want their beer sold, so even the not so big guys incentivize stores that purchase their "bread and butter" products by offering them a chance to sell the ones available in smaller volumes.

    I don't think too many drinkers are bothered by this, since regular drinkers like a bunch of beer, not just the rare stuff.
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  20. SeanBond

    SeanBond Meyvn (1,107) Jul 30, 2013 Illinois

    This is what I've been trying to say. The issue this year isn't that stores are hoarding, or giving Prop to their "best" customers, or that Vav didn't allow the first 100 people in line to have 6 bottles of everything. The issue is that this year, the distribution of the beer was expanded, demand inccreaded, Prop (and Vanilla Rye, I think) did not increase in production, and, most importantly, Walgreens, CostCo, Whole Foods, Jewel, etc. got the lion's share of Chicago's allotment. Even some of the bigger Binny's in the city (I'm thinking South Loop, specifically) didn't get as much as last year. Blame distribution, not the guys at the stores; most of those dudes would be more than happy to sell your some Bourbon County, but they haven't got the Bourbon County to sell.
  21. JakeT469

    JakeT469 Aspirant (277) Jan 13, 2012 Colorado

    That's not a bad price at all and about the norm for BCBS. $1/oz is as high as I'll go for "rare/specialty" beers on tap with only a few small exceptions that are more than $1/oz.
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  22. stevegoz

    stevegoz Disciple (303) May 5, 2008 Illinois

    Well, that all escalated quickly. If your Bourbon County Butthurt lasts more than two years, you might want to seek medical attention.
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  23. PHBoiler

    PHBoiler Meyvn (1,323) Jan 14, 2013 Illinois

    The "real" reason that folks on here are so up in arms about the change in BCBS distribution isn't because they're good Samaritans looking out for the small, local bottle shops. It is because they've spent loads of money and man hours showing face and kissing ass at that small, local bottle shop expecting a nice allotment of BCBS. When these stores didn't get as much to sell and couldn't hold/guarantee for every "regular" then the outrage started to happen.

    I just don't see why it is such a big deal or outrage if some of these smaller shops didn't get an entire pallet of BCBS plus variants. They'll still carry 95% of the other beers people want and 95% of all the "rare" or "limited" beers. There are still plenty of reasons to go to these shops and a shortened allotment of BCBS isn't going to be the reason that these stores sink or swim.

    Just because I stood in line at a grocery store for roughly two hours one day to get one beer doesn't mean I'm shifting my beer buying to that store. It was one beer and one day. Goose Island made the same amount of the beers. They just shifted where you had to buy them.

    If we want to complain about the lack of BCBCS or Vanilla Rye in Chicagoland, then I'm all for that. From what I understand, all stores got less of those beers to sell. Not sure which part of the country got them, but someone did.
  24. HugePrnceFan1999

    HugePrnceFan1999 Initiate (49) Nov 30, 2011 Indiana

    I'm surprised that you "liked" some of the more hostile posts on page 19.
  25. PHBoiler

    PHBoiler Meyvn (1,323) Jan 14, 2013 Illinois

    I found them to be quite entertaining hence I liked them. I like when people call other people out on their BS. I can put up with a lot of things; hypocrisy is not one of them.
  26. jpsy422

    jpsy422 Initiate (174) Jul 12, 2009 Illinois

    If you live in the west burbs, tried and failed, and want to drink some BCS, let's set up a Bottleshare and you can bring something awesome and well drink a prop and a vanilla and whatever you bring. I'm sure @PHBoiler would be down.

    Beer is for drinking.
  27. RexKramer

    RexKramer Initiate (157) Jan 19, 2011 Illinois


    Also, Brixies is doing an event this Friday. Per their FB page:

    No idea on prices, or crowds, but it's worth a shot if you're in the area.
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  28. fatdeets

    fatdeets Initiate (83) May 19, 2014 Illinois

    make sure to bring your shiv...:wink:
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  29. stevegoz

    stevegoz Disciple (303) May 5, 2008 Illinois

    It was awesome last year. They also poured from bombers of Props and Backyard. And had FW XVII on draft.
  30. Jplachy

    Jplachy Devotee (412) Feb 12, 2012 Illinois

    Rev Uncalled Four might be the best beer I've had this year. Don't get all starstruck over BCBS and not try it.
  31. ohiobeer29

    ohiobeer29 Defender (653) Feb 2, 2013 Ohio

    Just remember you could live in a state that doesn't get any goose island bourbon county anything at all therefore having zero chance at it . that my beer advocates is truly the scariest nightmare of them all.
  32. jpsy422

    jpsy422 Initiate (174) Jul 12, 2009 Illinois

    There's a trading forum for that. Regular BCS is basically trading at cost right now.
  33. UrbanCaveman

    UrbanCaveman Zealot (570) Sep 30, 2014 Illinois

    Ohio's ridiculous "can't sell any beer over 12% ABV" is quite possibly one of the stupidest laws I've ever read. And that includes the anachronistic ones about whether it's legal to perform certain carnal acts in the comfort of ones own home.

    At least Toledo folks and we Cincy folks have borders nearby beyond which such blue laws do not hold sway. I feel for central Ohio folks.
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  34. fatdeets

    fatdeets Initiate (83) May 19, 2014 Illinois

    the blue laws are up there as well...
  35. UrbanCaveman

    UrbanCaveman Zealot (570) Sep 30, 2014 Illinois

    Sort of like a last gasp at Prohibition, really. "Fine, you can buy it. BUT NOT ON THIS DAY, OR AT THESE TIMES!"
  36. mdomask

    mdomask Aspirant (208) May 27, 2012 Illinois

    And god forbid you want that beer cold (in Indiana). Or to buy that beer (or bottle of wine, or whiskey) in a grocery store (in Minnesota). Or any of the other stupid laws around liquor sales that vary state-to-state, county-to-county.
  37. Vav

    Vav Aspirant (272) Jul 27, 2008 Illinois

  38. stephenieman

    stephenieman Initiate (0) Oct 14, 2011 Illinois

    I second this.
    Though I'm not a regular because Binny's Lincoln Park isn't convenient to my daily commute. I'd say I shop there as often as I can, probably 5-6 times a year.
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  39. RexKramer

    RexKramer Initiate (157) Jan 19, 2011 Illinois

    I wasn't there for the big BCBS event, but I was there a night that they had Props and had Blood Orange and something else on their infuser.

    Thanks for the heads up. If I can make it out, I'll be sure to give it a try.
  40. htkeyes

    htkeyes Initiate (34) Feb 16, 2013 Illinois

    World of Beer in Evanston is tapping everything but prop on the 19th. Go to their FB for more info. They are also raffling bottles.

    I agree. It's pretty terrible that GI is losing their roots and not helping the stores that have supported them. To play devil's advocate, from a consumer perspective, these releases from big box stores are probably better for the consumer. I've paid on average $10 more for a bomber from a mom and pop shop, and have seen some pretty disgusting prices I've passed on (for anyone curious, I believe they were listed a few pages back). I've also had store owners with bcbs in my sight line lie to me and say they don't have it. There is probably an argument that it is a product of the lack of supply and high demand, but then again, these are not also new issues unique to this year. I'm also not saying that this stuff doesn't happen at big box stores too, but at least they make it fair by giving me the opportunity to wait in line for it. And I know someone is going to bring up Walgreens again, but let's just consider that the exception to the rule.
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