64 oz batch bottling day primer questions

Discussion in 'Homebrewing' started by FartyJerko, Apr 6, 2016.

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  1. FartyJerko

    FartyJerko Initiate (0) Nov 4, 2015 Texas

    Bit of a noob question here. Second batch of beer was a Northern Brewer barleywine extract 5 gallon batch. I let it ferment for 7 months, checked the gravity and made sure it was done fermenting and all that. I re-racked a portion off into a 64 oz. growler and have been letting it sit on some hop pellets for about 8 days, so I'm looking to bottle that batch soon. I bought a package of a common dehydrated yeast for bottling, BTW.The rest I kept in the 5 gal carboy and threw in some sanitized french oak chips to sit for another few months.

    My question is in relation to the ratios for water, DME and yeast to use for the primer for the growler batch. The instructions say to use 5oz. or 2/3 cup "priming sugar," 16oz water, and "1 package" of bottling yeast for the full 5 gallon batch. So, how much of each for only bottling 64oz as compared to 5 gallons?

    The Brewer's Friend online calculator seems to suggest 0.5oz DME (@72F and 2 volumes of CO2), which fits the overall ratio of 1/10 Northern Brewer would suggest when converting the original amounts of 5 oz, or 2/3 cups to a grolwer (64 oz growler vs. 640 oz/5 gal carboy). Is that correct? If so, how much water should I use, 1.6 oz? Should I still use the whole yeast packet? Or, is this a case where I make the entire originally-suggested amount of primer and then take the appropriate 1/10 portion from the total at the end and throw the rest out?
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    Whoah, 7 months fermentation!!!

    You should be able to cut it down, you don't need to make the full amount and dump the rest.

    I'm curious though, how did you sanitize the oak chips?
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  3. FartyJerko

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    Yeah, whatever, it was conditioning, or aging for most of that time. You know what I mean.
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