A very old Maudite / Fin du MOnde

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    They should have the year they were bottled on the corks - I have a La fin Du Monde, Maudite, and Trois Pistoles from 2005 that have been cellared and I'm waiting to open til 2020 (don't have high expectations but it will be a fun experiment).
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    In my experience the La Fin Du Monde (at cellar temps) should be fine. Improved? Most likely not, but worth trying for sure. Maudite however seems to get more muddy and dull. I'd absolutely try it, and I'm sure it will be somewhat drinkable but probably not nearly as good as it is fresh or with up to a year or two on it - and at room temperature I'm not so sure about it at all. Be very careful not to disturb the lees on them, and since you've waited so long give them a few weeks in the fridge to make sure they completely sediment out after moving them.
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    Ive had La Fin Du Monde at 1.5 years and it lost all it's luster. Cant imagine where 15 years would take it. Would agree with @NeroFiddled otherwise. No experience with aging Maudite.

    Let us know how it turned out :slight_smile:
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    A previous thread about aged Unibroue beers:

    In that thread, @Torontoblue was going to drink some 10-15 year old bottles at Christmas 2014. Maybe he can chime in here on how they were?
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    I actually opened my La Fin Du Monde 1998 during our Alberta Ratebeer (sorry for the swear word) Gathering in July of this year. If I had really thought ahead, I would have had a fresh bottle to compare with at the time, but as I took this bottle with me to every RBAG since 2014, I didn't think it would get opened yet again.

    Well, this time it did. The bottle had been in a regular fridge, then a wine fridge and finally me crawl space/cellar for the past 3 years. As well as long road journeys down to Medicine Hat for the RBAG's, it had been stored vertically and on the horizontal.

    Anyway, the cork had held up absolutely fine, and the beer opened with a pleasant, and welcome pop. Poured absolutely clear, with no sediment to hazy. It was pretty smooth on the mouth with cereal, honey, herbal, and clove flavours. Really good carbonation. It had held up remarkably well, with just a touch of oxidation showing.

    So, for a 20 year old, cork and caged bottle, La Fin Du Monde definitely holds up very well. A nice testament to the brewers at Unibroue!

    I still have the other 2 Unibroue beers which may bet opened soon......or not :slight_smile:
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    nice to hear it held up! Sounds like @Agent_K_ may be in luck
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    I had a 13 year old bottle of Maudite a ways back and it was great, I expected a total mess and was pleasantly surprised.