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Discussion in 'Midwest' started by opwog, Sep 28, 2013.

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  1. opwog

    opwog Defender (663) Jun 16, 2008 Minnesota

    Indeed Haywire

    Hour and a half left, what is out here that people should not miss?
  2. maximum12

    maximum12 Poo-Bah (3,444) Jan 21, 2008 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    We were all too busy drinking to look at our phones.

    There is hope left in the world!

    Pour Decisions MN Weisse. Good lord was that beer good.
  3. nogophers

    nogophers Aspirant (255) Jun 28, 2011 Minnesota

    Great ABR. can't remember at time in the last 6 years that I have made it until the end.
  4. MNPikey

    MNPikey Devotee (403) Feb 27, 2011 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    Never complained before and have been going for 7 years now. Why the hell don't they start letting people in at noon or earlier so the majority are in and ready to drink by 1pm? We didn't get in until 2pm after waiting in line over 1.5 hours. Bullshit.

    When you got close to entering they said "form 4 lines" which was bullshit since it was single file the 8-10 blocks prior to that and all the employees they had were standing there waiting for people. We got in at 2pm and went right to the Bells tent and Black Note and Batch 9000 were already gone.
  5. PieOhMy

    PieOhMy Devotee (415) Feb 23, 2013 Minnesota

    That is bullshit. They cap the numbers, so they know the amount of people that are coming. The situation you described should NEVER happen. Hey, at least it wasn't raining when you were standing (unnecessarily) in line.
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  6. theCoder

    theCoder Disciple (393) Oct 24, 2011 Minnesota
    Subscriber Beer Trader

    We got there around uh 12:40 ish or so and I'll be honest this was my first ABR but we were down the block and wrapped down the next building (west of the entrance). Got in about 15 of so after, but yea a lot of what I was initially was hoping for was gone by the time I got there within the first hour or so. Thought it was poorly executed but overall still had a good time. I think they could have easily let us in early but had the booths hold off on serving till 1 which they did at Summer Beerfest 2 years ago.

    Overall a good time, still feeling it now some 5 or so hours later, gonna be a fun Sunday...
  7. opwog

    opwog Defender (663) Jun 16, 2008 Minnesota

    I avoided bitching in line and let the day progress as it did and had a good time there, but I do have to call BS on the way that they mishandled entry. They knew exactly how many people were coming and know pretty well when they are coming. I have handled events with easily 10 to 20 times as many in attendance and nobody spent an hour and ten minutes (what I spent) in line to get in to any of those. I would call this a rookie league screw up, except that this isn't a first year festival. And it isn't just the issue of density of the line versus the actual entry. Logistically, that was easily the worst handled entry to any event (beer or otherwise) that I have ever seen and for the most part it all hinged on the ability of those attending to even set up a snaking line to get in. I didn't see a single event person the whole time that I was in line (until the actual entry area), who was coordinating anything.

    So anybody who feels like bitching about the time that it took to get in, feel free. That wasn't your imagination...that was ridiculous. That was probably about 3000+ people and if given the challenge, I wouldn't be able to figure out how to drag out admitting that few people into an hour+ line, without throwing in obstacles like quicksand to slow down the process. A four hour event and I spent about 28% of that time in line just to let a few thousand people into a massive outdoor space. Epic fail on how that was handled.
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  8. opwog

    opwog Defender (663) Jun 16, 2008 Minnesota

    But back to the beers,

    Central Waters' Scotch Ale
    Lake Front BA Imperial Lager
    Rubicon IPA
    Surly Son of Darkness

    were all some standouts that I was able to get.

    JJWIGHT Aspirant (268) Feb 14, 2012 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    Get there early, get your braceket early, start drinking right away. Priceless!
  10. bergbrew

    bergbrew Initiate (48) Jan 12, 2004 Minnesota

    I wasn't at the event, and have no ties to it other than I started it 13 years ago and ran it for a few years. But I think that's a bit of hyperbole with 10 to 20 times, unless you've run events that were 30000-60000 people. Which perhaps you have, I don't know.

    I saw a lot of complaining about the lines in, and I suggest you forward those complaints to the Guild. I'm sure they've heard some already, and rightfully so. But don't let it stop on a forum on BA. Be courteous, voice your concerns.
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  11. opwog

    opwog Defender (663) Jun 16, 2008 Minnesota

    No hyperbole, just a different industry.
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  12. theCoder

    theCoder Disciple (393) Oct 24, 2011 Minnesota
    Subscriber Beer Trader

    OH snap I forgot to completely give kudos to Surly for handling their limited release line. I wasn't going to bother until I noticed the line moving...gasp... So I got in line and waited not even 5 min to get Syx variant, then on my way back saw no line and got syx variant again and then Mysanthrope. Big Kudos to Surly. Every other fest I didn't bother. Todd even came out and asked what we were waiting for and if it was a different one he moved us up in line to that one.
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  13. maximum12

    maximum12 Poo-Bah (3,444) Jan 21, 2008 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    Yes, I had friends who didn't get in until 2:30PM & they were pissed, & I don't blame them.

    We arrived a bit last at 12:55 & were some of the last people to get wristbands. For some stupid reason they pulled all the people off the line giving out wristbands when the gates opened & made them go to the front of the line, & because of the rain, it seemed like a ton of people showed at the last minute. So instead of the regular "walking-speed" entrance, there was a huge cluster when people without wristbands started bunching up at the entrance. It seemed like that was the root of the problem, & one easily fixed.

    There has never been an issue with getting before, & I hope people who got stuck in line complain loudly.

    We were lucky & had a great time.
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  14. biglobo8971

    biglobo8971 Devotee (480) May 6, 2010 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    I will echo some sentiments and add some. The most impressive thing that I witnessed was that no one was really cutting in line. And to the guy who told his girl "no, absolutely not" when she wanted to cut the line, kudos to you sir, I raise my glass to you. Yes the line was long, and it was raining, and some hipster douches were wearing backpacks so big that it looked like they had several growlers in to pour their beers in to. But....... the wife and I still had an amazing time. Every one was in good spirits with lots of smiling faces. I did not see any drama. I did see:
    plenty of porto pots (Bifs, Portolets, whatever you want to call outside shitters)
    better schwag, I saw several shirts and other goodies that I wanted to purchase
    new breweries to the event
    very friendly and courteous volunteers and employees (they were wet as fuck too)
    plenty of water/rinse stations
    and lots of smiling faces
    we circled back to the front of the event at 5 to give someone a ride (who never showed up, ass, you know who you are) and everyone still looked happy as they stumbled from the event. So cheers!! We had a blast.
  15. ryanfolty

    ryanfolty Aspirant (215) Jul 17, 2011 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    Wow, how did you ever come up with such a brilliant plan?

    Now for my beer highlights:

    1. TH Russian Roulette - Amazing
    2. TH Beach Therapy - They need to bottle this for the summer, Stone take note this is what a Coconut IPA should taste like
    3. TH Cherry Wee Heavy - Safe to say Town Hall killed it at ABR
    4. Widmer Marionberry Gose - Didn't expect much, but this was tasty
    5. Odell Neapolitan - Tasted just like the ice cream
    6. Indeed Sweet Yamma - Best pumpkin beer at the event (and there were quite a few solid ones)
    7. Indeed Hot Box - Delicious
    8. Fitgers Cherry Batch - Yep worth the wait for this one
    9. Dangerous Man Chocolate Milk Stout - Finally got to try this and worth the hype
    10. Central Waters Exodus - I showed up late, but still got a pour and very glad I did.
    11. Surly Darkness - Can't go wrong with a little Charlie Murphy and I second the compliment on the quick Surly limited release lines.
    12. Bells Black Note - Second best beer behind Bourbon County

    So many good beers, just not enough time!!!! I missed out on the Schell's BA barley wine even though we showed up right at the posted tapping time, which was a bummer. Anyone know if they tapped it early? If you got a pour, please post your thoughts on it.
  16. shadetree67

    shadetree67 Disciple (380) Sep 11, 2013 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    How was the schells raspberry beer?
  17. theCoder

    theCoder Disciple (393) Oct 24, 2011 Minnesota
    Subscriber Beer Trader

    Uh, man what time did I get this at. There was no body there for it unless it was the line that was to the right of it at a table with no beer they were telling people so and they kept standing there. I walked right up and got it, but man for the life of me I can't remember the time, it was tasty. I could probably try and find out the timestamp on my photo I took of myself by the awesome Schell's bus, but I will say it was somewhere in the range of 2-2:30 as we went from there to see when Take the Black Stout was getting tapped which it hadn't been yet and that waas at 3.
  18. MCImes

    MCImes Disciple (353) Dec 31, 2010 Connecticut

    Exodus and BB9k rocked my world. Damn they were good.
    NB's Love Felix was awesome
    Syx Variant was great. Too bad there isnt much of this around. the variant is soooo much better than the bottles.
    Hopsolution -great
    Brooklyn Schorcher #366 - a very cool hop variety. almost wet hop tasting with lots of vegetal and grassy flavors. almost kinda nutty but not a malty nutty, a hoppy nutty. cool

    I drank a ton of great beer, but a few heavy hitters left me unimpressed
    -Russian Roulette - wayyy to sweet for me. 2oz was plenty (i know this is heresy, but i really didnt care for it)
    -Matilda Lambicus - good, but not as good as I thought it was going to be
    -Dangerous man stuff, good, but not great. The CMS was good but its the kind of beer Id only want 1 of.
    -PD beliner weiss -meh
    -Steel to Dissent - nothing special IMO. I wont be buying and bottles in the future.
    -Fitgers Cherry - again, decent but not great. didnt see what the hype was about.
    [begin flaming]

    I think Exodus goes down in my book for favorite beer. The BB9k was Awesome, but I knew what to expect with that. Exodus surprised me.
  19. ryanfolty

    ryanfolty Aspirant (215) Jul 17, 2011 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    Aroma was really good, but I didn't get as much raspberry in the taste. Still a very solid Berliner though.
  20. opwog

    opwog Defender (663) Jun 16, 2008 Minnesota

    Agree on everything, except the "plenty of water/rinse stations." I was looking all afternoon and never saw any water and most people were left to dumping their beers on the ground. I had to ask most pourers to do a small rinse with their actual beer, if I was just coming off something like a barrel aged, smoked or fruit beer. I asked one person working there where to dump pours and she pointed to one bucket that said "trash" and admitted it wasn't meant to be a dump bucket, but that was what everyone had been using it for and then she even made the second recommendation to dump on the ground because it had rained.
  21. MCImes

    MCImes Disciple (353) Dec 31, 2010 Connecticut

    x2 on this. There should have been a few more rinse stations. I only saw 3 maybe?

    The ground was sticky half way through because of this...
  22. biglobo8971

    biglobo8971 Devotee (480) May 6, 2010 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    every time I looked for one, it was right there. Could be just my perception.
  23. XmnwildX12

    XmnwildX12 Meyvn (1,430) Nov 12, 2010 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    Talked to Todd and sounds like he wants to bring Four back and can it, also sounded like Moe's Bender might be retired :(
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  24. MCImes

    MCImes Disciple (353) Dec 31, 2010 Connecticut

    These 2 cancel each other out, so I dont know what to say.

    Four in cans, AWESOME

    No Moes Bender, ever, HORRIBLE
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  25. sacrelicio

    sacrelicio Initiate (0) Feb 15, 2005 Minnesota

    I'll take Four over Moe's.
  26. boomer31

    boomer31 Devotee (426) Apr 14, 2009 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    Solid event despite the shitty weather. My only complaint was that there were not enough water/rinse stations especially when one of them didn't have enough pressure to fill a glass.
    Standouts were BA Batch 9k, TH Russian Roulette, TH Beach Therapy, Hammerheart Smoked IPA, CW Exodus, Lakefront Brandy Pumpkin Lager. Stinkers included Lunker which was flat, Schells blueberry lager, Indeed's Mole Midnight Ryder was so spicy and cask Olvalde Bryndhildr's gift aged in bourbon barrels tasted like pure alcohol and was possible the worst of the day.
  27. herman77

    herman77 Meyvn (1,055) Jan 24, 2010 Minnesota

    Bring or buy yourself a Camelback. They are great for beer festivals. You always have cold water and you can rinse out your glass after each beer. Plus store whatever shit you want to bring with.
  28. Djsaturn1

    Djsaturn1 Aspirant (265) Dec 12, 2012 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    Am I the only one that thought town hall royal IPA was amazing? Those mosaics were incredible. Must have had 5 of those.
    Indeed haywire - best black double ipa IMO
    BCS - can't complain about the BCS
  29. XmnwildX12

    XmnwildX12 Meyvn (1,430) Nov 12, 2010 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    I really enjoyed Royal IPA, makes me even more excited for Sosus
  30. psychotia

    psychotia Disciple (317) Jun 27, 2009 Minnesota

    Bell's BAB9K
    Schell's Framboise du Norde
    Everything Ha\m/\m/erheart
    New Belgium Love-Felix
    Brash Biggie Smalls
    Northgate Pumpion (I typically dislike pumpkin beer, but this killed)

    There was so much delicious beer, I only mentioned those that really tickled my tongue. PDBC, Indeed, Surly, etc., all had many excellent things going on!

    Other comments:
    Ngon's Short Rib Sandwich was blissful
    Sucks that the line took so long to move everyone inside; shouldn't have happened but it did
    The wet conditions seemed to trick me into thinking I didn't need to drink water, because I definitely didn't... this morning hit me like a brick.
  31. iadler

    iadler Initiate (0) Aug 12, 2009 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    Four in cans?! Holy shit.... I really hope this is going to happen.
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  32. HomeBrewed

    HomeBrewed Initiate (185) Dec 10, 2006 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    This was the best beer of the day! My only complaint was the water station(s). I only found one the entire time. Hammerheart Harvest Ale was very good as well!
  33. runfoodrun

    runfoodrun Aspirant (229) Jun 18, 2008 Minnesota

    Oh happy day! I haven't been able to try Moe's, but Four was amazing!!!
  34. opwog

    opwog Defender (663) Jun 16, 2008 Minnesota

    Never would have thought to do it, because I have never seen a festival that would allow anybody to bring in anything like that.
  35. dc55110

    dc55110 Aspirant (282) Oct 24, 2010 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    I've never been to an outdoor festival without my Camelback. I've got a cleaning and drinking water at all times.
  36. MNPikey

    MNPikey Devotee (403) Feb 27, 2011 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    They should ditch the Smoke and start making Four every year....
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  37. Djsaturn1

    Djsaturn1 Aspirant (265) Dec 12, 2012 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    I never did see founders, where were they hiding?
  38. nogophers

    nogophers Aspirant (255) Jun 28, 2011 Minnesota

    Around the corner with their whopping contribution of 2 every day beers. Ho hum...so many other breweries actually cared about ABR.
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  39. opwog

    opwog Defender (663) Jun 16, 2008 Minnesota

    CA versus MN, I suppose. You can rarely bring in any liquids, including sealed containers, to most events of any sort in California. It is always provided inside. This is only the second such event that I had been to in MN, with the first being Firkin Fest, where there was a true abundance of drinking water, rinse and dump buckets. After that experience with the water/rinse area, I presumed the same was to happen at this event.
  40. lurpy1

    lurpy1 Zealot (564) Jan 15, 2010 Minnesota
    Beer Trader

    Yeah, why bother? I would imagine the reasons for participating in a Fest are to create brand awareness or say thanks to customers. With 2 beers, this great brewery does neither.
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