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    I searched the forum and it sounded a bit mixed on aging Assassin. I got very lucky (and have a great friend) and have one we will share at some point. I'm wondering if anyone with experience with this beer would recommend sitting on it (I have a temp controlled cellar at 55 degrees)? I can't find the IBUs on-line which would be good info to know as I don't like any hoppiness, so for that reason I generally like to age most Imperial Stouts (even BA) a bit.
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    I've only had Assasin one time and that was last year and it was a 16 assassin. So I cannot comment on how it was fresh. I will say 16 assassin had a very strong dark fruit flavor profile. Very pruney/raisony. It was fine just not my favorite. Not sure if a little bit of age did that, but I've heard from a few different people that 16 assassin did have that flavor profile.
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    The Assassins, in fact, SR-71, as well (from what I've heard), have been trending towards a dark fruit-heavy flavor profile over the last couple years. Don't believe the post-bottling aging process has anything to do with it.
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    I've only had Assassin twice, once fresh & once aged around two years. The fresh bottle was divine, the aged bottle, as noted above, was leaning heavily into dark fruit territory, which I do not enjoy in stouts.

    If it was me, I would drink it as soon as possible.
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    This is an interesting take.. And I will add that I had Assassin fresh on the weekend of the release, and while there were dark fruit notes, there was plenty of chocolate and whiskey to balance. I thought it was fantastic. Drinking it now might be wise. I'll be drinking mine next month (since I can't land a Maman for it :confused:)
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    I think that's the key. There might be whispers of it fresh, but it's muted or masked by other, stronger flavors & only seemed to come out with age.

    This is the same reason I quit aging Expedition Stout. Wonderful beer, but I found that the same dark fruit quality started to emerge in time, & I couldn't stand it.
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    Good to know that about expedition. I enjoy if fresh, wouldn't want to ruin it (for me) with dark fruit flavors...