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    New to storing beer and as of now I have been keeping these in a dark closet and it stays about 66-70 Degrees. Should I be concerned? Everything is stored on its side to keep the corks wet. Have 8 Quetsche Tilquin, 3 Gueuze Tilquin, 3 Jester King SPONS, and 1 Cantillon Rose. They have been stored this way for a little over a year. I also keep some Ozark BDCS stouts in there as well but drink everything else fresh.

    Maybe I am just overthinking this but a friend brought it to my attention lately. Nothing tastes off so far though
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    About a month ago I drank a 2013 Cantillon Gueze which I've primarily stored in a closet at 65-70 degrees for the last 5 years. It was excellent. I would suggest keeping your bottles covered, making sure the temperature stays level, and (this is my opinion) keep your bottles stored upright. I'm not sure how long you plan to age your bottles, but my concern was about cork degrading and crumbling into my beer rather than having the it dry out. FWIW the cork on my Cantillon was fine. Good luck and enjoy.
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    Thank you for the response! They are currently in a box with the lid closed so no light makes it in the box. Will consider storing them upright.
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    Tilquin Quetsche: In my experience plums have the tendency to get quite acidic with age so I would try to drink these within 5 years of the bottle date. Your storage method is totally fine for a lambic you want to drink within 5 years

    Tilquin Gueuze and Rose de Gambrinus: Your storage method should be fine if you're looking to drink these within 5-10 years of the bottle date. If you are looking to age these very long term, I'd look into a wine fridge, though you're in absolutely no rush to get one.

    Spon: As these haven't been around for more than a year or so, it's hard to tell how well these beers will age past a few years. Regardless, I don't see your current storage methods as being an issue.

    BDCS: Your current storage method seems fine as this stout doesn't appear to have any adjuncts.
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    Thanks! Super helpful response, Puts my mind at ease :sunglasses:
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    Some decent information here too:

    Though, the "oxygen blanket" theory has been disproven long ago.

    This also will inevitably bring up the problem with conflating dissolved oxygen with headspace oxygen, but I think it's a decent discussion to have.
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