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    Nottingham Strong Blonde

    BIAB 4.15 gal
    OG. 1.060
    FG. 1.010
    abv 6.5
    SRM 4
    IBU 25
    Efficiency 75%
    Grain bill
    American 2-row. 10lbs
    Vienna. 1lb

    East Kent Goldings 1oz at 60
    Styrian Goldings 1oz at 20

    US-05 one packet pitched dry

    Mashed in at 160
    Mashed for 60 min at 150
    Pulled bag and poured 1 gal of water over bag heated to 170 for a rinse sparge
    Boiled for 60 min
    Cooled to 74 and pitched yeast
    Fermented at 58 for 2 days and raised temp to 60 for 10 more days
    Primed with 3.5 oz of table sugar in 16 oz of water

    After 10 days of conditioning it’s initially sweet but finishes pretty dry, there is a slight vegetable aroma and flavor.
    After 20 days, not as sweet and the vegetable flavors are nearly gone, there’s a slight alcohol warmth. Carbonation is medium high. Very pleased so far.
    The hops give it an English quality without the esters associated with English yeasts.
    The IBUs are just right.
    I was a little short on my quantity it was supposed to be a 5 gal batch.

    Nottingham refers to my subdivision
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