Amway Center Area Recommendations (Orlando)

Discussion in 'South-Atlantic' started by ZAP, Mar 11, 2017.

  1. ZAP

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    Will be at Amway Center in Orlando for NCAA Tournament in about a week.

    Any top craft beer/food places within walking distance?

    I see

    Tap & Grind .3 miles away
    World of Beer 1.3 miles away

    Is this a safe area to be walking. Guessing it is but I have never been there.

    Ten10 could be a stop via vehicle before the tournament on our way to Amway or after..

    Any favorites out of these? Any other ideas. Mainly looking for Florida, and beers from southern U.S. I don’t have access to in Minnesota.
  2. lionssoccer13

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    Tap and Grind is the best beer place near the arena. The Woods usually has good taps on as well. They also have great cocktails and in that same vein The Courtesy is a world class cocktail establishment.

    The area is totally safe. You might get hassled by a couple bums but no more than any other larger city's downtown bar scene.
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  3. GameFreac

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    Going to Wrestlemania so this thread applies to me as well! Thanks for posting this
  4. thirstygator

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    Frank & Stein's is pretty decent too and has food, beers and liquor...
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  5. Blazer06

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    The Courtesy is great. I typically end up there every time I'm staying in Orlando.
  6. Thirst_trappist

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    All valid suggestions
  7. FrankenMiller

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    Broken Strings/Black Cauldron is pretty good. It is right next to the new Soccer stadium. I would Uber there as walking from Amway to there would put you on the edge of the hood.
    For proximity Tap & Grind.. plus there is an awesome Argentinean place attached to it for great food. While you are here message me if you have any questions. I will blag to help you have a good time in my city