An afternoon in Louisville??

Discussion in 'South' started by jesus_man, Apr 23, 2018.

  1. jesus_man

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    In May we are driving out to see The Ark east of Louisville, but we plan to stop in for an attraction and perhaps a good dinner with beer. We'll be 4 adults and 2 children, so we need something family friendly, with good food and great beer. Our beer tastes are darker stuff, barrel aged stuff a plus, smooth stouts, solid browns, etc. My MIL likes wheat beers. None of us are IPA fans, so low IBU's preferred.

    Is there some beer I should consider bringing back home with me?

    I'd also take recommendations on things we might do on a Monday afternoon in town regarding attractions. I see the Slugger museum, and that sounds cool, but is it really? What else should we consider? Thanks!
  2. IMFletcher

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    While the Ark is truthfully east of Louisville, it's pretty much in Cincy (No. KY).
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  3. jesus_man

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    Thanks. I'm fully aware. We have a 5hr drive to the hotel that is near the Ark. But I thought it'd be nice to break that up (both coming & going) with a stop in Louisville. Sunday afternoon/evening for a beer stop, then Monday morning for an attraction of some sort.
  4. MarshallBirdhouse

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    Monnik has good food and beer. It’s also decently family friendly
  5. jesus_man

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    Noted. Thanks!
  6. F_Amor

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    If you like baseball at all, go to the Louisville Slugger factory and museum. It's very cool. After wandering through Fourth Street Live and stopping in Gordon Biersch to get out of the rain, we found Third Street Dive - great selection of nicely priced beer and awesome bands for minimal cover.
  7. jesus_man

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    I was hoping someone would say the Slugger museum was worth it!! That was penciled in pending more research!

    Thanks for the other recommendation.
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