Any local BA’s familiar with Vancouver, BC?

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    Pretty straightforward. I’m headed out there in a few weeks and thought I’d see if anyone here has experience before I start inquiring on the Vancouver forum. Is there one?

    Beer is pretty low on the list but might be dope to find a place to grab pints before fighting killer whales.
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    YEARS ago I was out that way and did Vancouver city, Victoria and also San Juan Island. There was a little brewpub right near the boat landing area on San Juan Island called front street ale house. I really liked it then, but have no idea if the beers will have held up to my palate today or if the place even still exists.
    We stayed in Vancouver downtown, a bike ride from the aquarium, I am pretty sure we visited Steamworks, which was good as I remember, but again, may not hold up over time. But we enjoyed it back then and they had pretty good food as I recall.
    In general the trip was amazing and you will have fun I am sure as there was tons to see and do.
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    Didn't do too much beer sampling when I went to Vancouver this past summer, but there are a bunch of breweries in East Vancouver ("Yeast Van"). A couple looked pretty interesting on paper. I know the presence of sought-after lambic (Cantillon, 3F, etc.) is a bit higher than in the US, so it's worth dipping into a bottle shop or sending out a trade request beforehand if you're at all interested.

    Grabbed a few pours on the outdoor patio at Tap & Barrel overlooking the harbor. Great spot with a nice view. Lots of ships and seaplanes to watch. Taplist scratched my itch to try a handful of BC beers for the first time. Excellent place to unwind if weather permits.

    Granville Island is such a great place to pick at food and explore. There's at least one brewery and a distillery you can visit, as well.

    Two of my favorite places to grab a bite were Nero (Belgian waffles) and Marutama Ra-men (easily the best ramen I sampled in the city and worth the wait). Also did Grouse Mountain and the Capilano Suspension Bridge one day and it was a great outdoorsy experience. Did the zip lining at Grouse and it was one of those experiences that kind of sticks with you.
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    I wish I could help. From reading through old posts, I know the Alibi Room is often recommended.

    Some of the better BC breweries include:

    Four Winds
    Twin Sails
    Yellow Dog

    Unfortunately, the Canadian user base has really dwindled over the past few years. You may get a response from a local in a few days.

    If you want to join the Facebook Canada Craft Beer Society group, you will get lots of good advice, and likely trade requests.
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    Good beer is pretty easy to find in Vancouver, almost every bar/restaurant will have at least a decent tap list. There's also nearly 100 breweries in greater Van so you've got no shortage of options.

    Would be happy to recommend some more places but you'll probably have to narrow down what exactly you're looking for and what area you're looking to grab those pints in.