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    Hello everyone;

    I am going to Armenia in a few weeks and visit where my soviet of a wife comes from. I was actually wondering what is interesting over there? I have been told a few beer stores popped up, and 2 or 3 brewpubs emerged in the past year, from what I heard; Armenian who lived in Noth American and came back.

    So what is there to visit and see; how my wife will organized my beer tasting; which she already tried :grinning:

    thanx in advance
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    I Don’t know much about Armenia, but I’d say it’s Europe rather than Asia. You might get more replies if you post in the Europe forum.
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    It's a border region that's difficult to classify, but is geographically considered to belong to Asia.
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    In the area of LA where I lived there were a ton of Armenian grocery stores so I got to try a lot of Armenian beer. Of course, the stuff that made it over was macro. That said, it was fine. Strong Euro lagers, mostly; similar to what you'd get from Russia or Georgia or even Poland. Very drinkable.
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    Thanx for your reply and yes, in theory it borders to Asia but under Russian influence and thereafter Soviet influence they are mostly European than Asia or Middle Eastern, well, we can argue on that tho.

    I found a brewpub called Dargett; and I think the owners were probably based in Montreal, as they also have poutine on their menu :grinning:

    see link:

    I will try them out, and the pint goes for 1.50usd; ill try them all :wink: