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  1. 1948carpenter

    1948carpenter Initiate (25) Nov 16, 2018 Australia

    why does budweiser in australia differ from america,american bud is sweet and light,of which i used to enjoy.but now it tastes awful, bitter aftertaste.the smell is not nice
  2. hawthorne00

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    I haven't had it often, but on a couple of occasions it's been OK if a little bland for my tastes and on a couple of occasions it tasted and smelled like you feel when coming down with the flu. The difference was freshness. I'd look for cans with dates on them and evidence they've recently arrived in the shop.
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  3. 1948carpenter

    1948carpenter Initiate (25) Nov 16, 2018 Australia

    i will stick with my home brew i am getting lazy
  4. Shanex

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    Never had Bud OZ, but no one force you guys to export Foster :wink:

    Seriously though, Coopers is pretty good. One of the good thing to come out of Adelaide.
  5. jesskidden

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    The US hasn't gotten Austrailian-brewed Fosters in decades. Currently it's brewed under license by MillerCoors, using the 'dba' name of "Oil Can Breweries". :rolling_eyes:

    Before that, the US got "Imported" Foster's, brewed by Molson in Canada :grin:.
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  6. Bitterbill

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    Yes, they were steel cans, in the 80s, and I could taste the steel. :slight_frown:
  7. jesskidden

    jesskidden Meyvn (1,388) Aug 10, 2005 New Jersey

    They should have used that as their slogan (said in a parody "Crocodile Dundee" accent) = "Fosters - You Can Taste the Steel!"

    Whenever I think of that era, this photo always comes to mind:
    At first you might think, "Damn, the single largest shipment of canned beer to the United States!" but, of course, the catch there is "canned beer" - most imports were bottled or kegged back then. Still an impressive quantity of beer at one time - I always wonder how long it took to distribute them and sell all that beer, and how much of it was pretty stale by the time of consumption.

    Checked some contemporary sources and around that time Foster's US importer, All Brands, was claiming it'd already climbed to be the #3 best selling import in the US. Looks like a common price in sale ads was 99ยข.
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  8. NickTheGreat

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    I went to Australia in college, and one of the guys asked about Fosters. All the Aussie's cracked up laughing. Nobody drinks it there.
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