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    Avenue Irish Ale (Boulevard Clone)
    Irish Ale
    All Grain
    5 Gallons
    1.061 OG
    1.013 FG
    6.2% ABV
    17 SRM
    38 IBU (Tinseth)

    75% Efficiency

    9 lb. Maris Otter Malt
    2.5 lb. Munich Malt
    1.0 lb. Wheat Malt
    5.0 oz. Special B Caramel Malt
    5.0 oz. Caramunich Type 1
    1.5 oz. English Chocolate Malt

    0.5 oz. Magnum (14.0% AA) @ 60 minutes
    0.5 oz. Nugget (13.0% AA) @ 15 minutes
    0.5 oz. East Kent Goldings (5.0% AA) @ Flameout

    White Labs WLP004 Irish Ale Yeast, 2 Liter starter

    I use bottled spring water. No adjustments.

    Mash @ 152°F for 1 hour
    Mash out @ 168°F for 10 minutes.
    1 Hour Boil
    1/2 Whirlfloc Tablet at 10 minutes.
    Carbonate to about 2.5 volumes CO2

    So, I pretty much learned how to brew on the Beer Advocate Homebrew Forum, but I haven't been active on here for quite a while. I was out of brewing for about 5 years, but now I'm back! And what better way to come back than to offer up what I think is a pretty darn good recipe!

    This recipe was based on info obtained from the Boulevard Brewing website around 2004. I changed the original 2-row Pale Malt to Maris Otter, because I was on a Maris Otter kick back then, and I had it on hand. Sometime between 2004 and 2010, Boulevard changed their recipe significantly... so this could be called Boulevard "Classic" Irish Ale. Frankly, I think the old recipe was better!

    This is one of my most successful recipes. Enjoy!
Thread Status:
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