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    Averagely Perfect American Brown Ale
    American Brown Ale
    All Grain
    Batch Size: 5 Gallons into fermenter (5.09 gallons including trub prior to xfer to fermenter)
    OG: 1.056
    FG: 1.013
    ABV: 5.6%
    IBUs: 30 (Tinseth)

    Mash Efficiency: 70%

    Grain Bill:
    8.65 lbs Golden Promise
    0.66 lbs Brown Malt (~60L)
    0.61 lbs Pale Chocolate Malt (English ~220L)
    0.55 lbs American Crystal 60
    0.55 lbs Golden Naked Oats

    Hop Schedule (Pellet Hops):
    60 Minutes

    --0.4 ounces Centennial (10% AA)
    10 Minutes
    --0.75 ounces Centennial (10% AA)
    --0.75 ounces Willamette (5% AA)
    --0.75 ounces Centennial (10% AA)
    --0.75 ounces Willamette (5% AA)

    Yeast: Wyeast 1469

    Water Profile (overall):
    Ca: 70 ppm
    Cl: 87 ppm
    SO4: 49 ppm

    - Recommended Mash: Single Infusion @ 154, 60 Minutes
    - 60 Minute Boil (recommended)
    - Fermentation: 67F
    - Carbonate to 2.3 volumes
    - This recipe assumes pellet hops, with a 10% bonus utilization due to pellet form, and a wort absorption of 0.025 gallons of wort per ounce of hops. The Original Tinseth formula assumes leaf hops (without the 10% bonus utilization). If you will use pellets, but don't believe in the pellet bonus (or believe in a different bonus), adjust. If you will use leaf hops, adjust (for both utilization and for greater wort absorption). YMMV.
    - I used my own boil off rate (in conjunction with hop wort absorption) to determine my starting wort volume, which impacts hop utilization. YMMV. Adjust as necessary. Use your software.
    - Anything you change that relates to absorption or other wort losses will change the total fermentables you need to get out of your mash. So you may need to adjust the grain bill up/down.
    - If your hops have different Alpha Acid percentages, adjust as necessary.
    - This recipe assumes 70% Mash Efficiency, a little higher than BYO recipes (for example) assume, but probably closer to the average efficiency on this forum based on what I've seen over the years. YMMV. Adjust as necessary.
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