Averagely Perfect Dubbel - Poll #28 - Fermentation Temperature

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Select the Fermentation Temperature.

Poll closed May 18, 2018.
  1. 64F

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  2. 66F

  3. 68F

  4. 70F

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  5. 72F

  6. 74F

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  7. 76F

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  8. 78F

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  9. No single temperature, need polls for steps/ramps/etc.

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  1. VikeMan

    VikeMan Poo-Bah (1,962) Jul 12, 2009 Pennsylvania

    -> Poll #27 <- determined that the recommended boil length will be 60 minutes.

    This poll will determine the fermentation temperature. When this poll is done, I will look at the data a few different ways to determine the central tendency. It may or may not be as simple as a plurality would indicate. There may or may not be a runoff. It all depends on the data.

    For those looking ahead, the next poll(s) will look at water profiles.

    This poll will be open for 48 hours.

    If you have issues with or suggestions for methodologies used in this project, please send them via beermail. Let's keep the threads themselves on topic to the question at hand and not about how you would have asked the question differently. Lobbying for votes and intelligent discussion of each choice's relative merits is encouraged.

    The Averagely Perfect Dubbel Recipe so far...

    5 Gallons into the fermenter
    Target ABV: 7.0%
    OG: 1.065
    FG: 1.012
    IBUs: 24 (Tinseth)
    Yeast: Wyeast 3787 or WLP530
    Mash (recommended): 60 Minutes @ 152F
    Assumed Mash Efficiency: 70%
    Boil Length (recommended): 60 minutes

    ---Belgian Pilsner Malt (86%)
    ---D-90 Syrup (8%)
    ---Caramunich (4% Total)
    ---Special B (2%)

    60 minutes: Styrian Goldings (Qty to be calculated when I get around to it, 5% AA)
    10 minutes: Styrian Goldings (0.5 ounces, 5% AA)
  2. dmtaylor

    dmtaylor Aspirant (223) Dec 30, 2003 Wisconsin

    I voted 66 F, but I do think we should just start there but then let it free rise after ~3 days, or even induce heat after day 4 or 5.
  3. Naugled

    Naugled Defender (640) Sep 25, 2007 New York

    I agree with dmtaylor, that's why I chose the last option.
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  4. NeroFiddled

    NeroFiddled Poo-Bah (11,927) Jul 8, 2002 Pennsylvania
    Society Trader

    White Labs recommends 66F - 72F for 530, a yeast that gives lower fruitiness. I've always run it at 72F myself, sneaking up to 73F at times, but with good results. Of course anything within that range probably gives good results but I like a little more of the fruitiness.
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  5. Granitebeard

    Granitebeard Initiate (111) Aug 24, 2016 Maine

    I can maybe pull off 66 without control or issue.
  6. deadwolfbones

    deadwolfbones Initiate (159) Jun 21, 2014 Oregon

    Agree with dmtaylor.
  7. VikeMan

    VikeMan Poo-Bah (1,962) Jul 12, 2009 Pennsylvania

    For everyone's awareness...to go with steps/ramps/etc. we'll need a majority (i.e. more than 50%) voting for that. Otherwise, 50% or more will have voted for a single temperature. IOW, steps/ramps/etc. encompasses at least as many different possibilities as a single fermentation temp approach does, so a simple plurality won't get it, since the single temp votes are being split among several discrete temps.)
  8. dmtaylor

    dmtaylor Aspirant (223) Dec 30, 2003 Wisconsin

    Alright, alright... I changed my vote to "No single temperature".
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  9. VikeMan

    VikeMan Poo-Bah (1,962) Jul 12, 2009 Pennsylvania

    Alrighty. Looks like we have some step/ramp polls coming.
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