American Ales B-52 Hammock Bomb Coconut Porter

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  1. witster18

    witster18 Initiate (0) Aug 23, 2006 Tennessee

    It did medal in a small aha comp( I think it scored 39).
    9 lbs 4 oz Rahr 2-row
    12 oz CHoco malt
    8 oz Dark Crisp Crystal(77L)
    4 oz Roasted Barley
    6 oz Flaked Oats
    8 oz Special B Malt

    Single Infusion mash(3.9 gallon) at 158 for 60min sparged with 3.5 gallons at 172...

    Add the meat of 1 small coconut and 2oz coconut water in the mash. Add 2 oz of coconut creme coffee beans to mash. OG 1.053 FG 1.016

    coconut fats still added a small amount tan floaties(or droppies I should say in the finished product)... it did hurt the appearance scores, but the taste scores were very high. I suspect the shelf-life would be decreased a bit no doubt(wouldn't know, the buddies flew through this in about 72 after a 10 day conditoning)... the comp was approx. 3 weeks after that(handed-in completely blind mind you).

    boil size approx. 5.2 gall
    batch size approx. 4.5 gallon

    .75oz of fresh Centennial Whole Cones for 55 min(approx. 11 AA)
    .50oz of Willamette Pellets for 10(approx 5.4AA)(also add flat teaspoon of irish moss and 1oz 86%cacao for 10)

    I don't see any yeast on this recipe..... chances 90% this was WLP002... only other that it MIGHT have been would have been S-04 dry... no starter either way..

    started ferm at 70, dropped to 62 for 6 days, raised to 68 for 1, crashed hard for 1, bottled with 1/2 cup of lactose and 1/2 cup of maltodextrine, and dextrose to moderate priming level.

    Taste is not super-strong in coconut, but you can taste it.. silky, utterly poundable lower abv porter.. very tasty brew. I'm too lazy to do the attenuation numbers so excuse me if the efficiency was poor... my set-up is pretty basic. My intention was to get the abv to 5.2 to match the name... ended up 4.9

    Beers in the fermenter:Shot in the Dark)stout)
    ON the DOcket:River Rat Blonde, Magical Chloroform Candy Cherry(fruit), ONe Cheap A$s American Lager, and unnamed COmmon, Saison, a couple wits, an American hefe.. I'll do 17-18 batches between now and April for mantrip '16(June 9th/busy time doin' over 1 batch a week with half going into secondary vessels...).. I'll come back and post the recipe from the consensus fave..
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    witster18 Initiate (0) Aug 23, 2006 Tennessee

    oh... and I used some gypsum to get the ph to the proper levels in the mash
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    witster18 Initiate (0) Aug 23, 2006 Tennessee

    Should read sparged with 3.4gallon!
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    witster18 Initiate (0) Aug 23, 2006 Tennessee

    I did it again.. 3.1!!! Dang I wish the editing on these threads was easier
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