Bad thermometer how high can ferm temp swing?

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    Definitely need to use priming calculator better next time. I think I was worried about it being too sweet bc the batch was less than 5 gallons and I used 1 lb of lactose and skimped on the hops (1oz instead of 1.5 oz). I left a lot of sediment in kettle when I transferred to fermenter and a lot trub was left in fermenter when I transferred to bottling bucket. There is virtually no sediment/yeast at bottom of bottle so I wonder if that contributes to the lack of carbonation
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    3rd and final update: An additional 10 days since 2nd tasting on Dec 30th I got considerably more carbonation. I gently spun the bottles to rouse the yeast but more importantly they were moved even closer to a vent. I cracked two bottles with the least headspace and enjoyed them with a friend. Really like the clean taste and will need to keep bottles warmer in winter time right after bottling.