Bagby - 5 year anniversary and cans!

Discussion in 'Pacific' started by ChazMania, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. ChazMania

    ChazMania Aspirant (204) Jun 13, 2006 California

    Bagby in Oceanside is one of my go to spots, great beer. Finally after 5 years, they have 2 cans getting released this weekend; Sweet Ride Pilsner and What a Time to be Alive 5yr anniversary WCIPA.
    The older Bagby thread for awhile ago was closed so I started a new one. I'm going for cans either right after work or tomorrow.
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  2. Aztec_Chris

    Aztec_Chris Initiate (64) May 7, 2015 California

    Drinking a Sweet Ride right now and wish I bought a whole case. Best Pilsner in San Diego IMO.
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  3. OTB

    OTB Devotee (468) Sep 2, 2011 California

    Thanks for re-booting this thread, I love Bagby, stop in occasionally on my biz trips down to SD for fills, WATTBA sounds fantastic. Hoping I can grab a four pack.

  4. ChazMania

    ChazMania Aspirant (204) Jun 13, 2006 California

    What a Time to Be Alive is a fabulous WCIPA, clean clear bitter and pungent. I bought a 4pk of each and can easily see myself going for more by Sunday. Interesting, the What a time beer says "made and canned at Port Brewing" and the Sweet Ride says "made and canned at Bagby". Both fabulous and I've been to Bagby 50-60 times so it's nice to finally get cans to go.
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  5. dcgunman

    dcgunman Champion (826) Jul 1, 2009 California

    I need to take the MetroLink to Oceanside. A good day trip on the weekends. Bagby is a cool place.
  6. ChazMania

    ChazMania Aspirant (204) Jun 13, 2006 California

    Went again today after a few hours of beach time.Short Rib tacos were outrageous. Bought another 4pk of each cans, Sweet Ride and What a Time to be Alive.
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  7. JimN8916

    JimN8916 Initiate (111) Jan 31, 2014 California

    Can confirm. Grabbed the Sweet Ride and was thoroughly impressed.