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Beat still at RR

Discussion in 'Beer Trading Talk' started by oreo, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. Pwnzilla

    Pwnzilla Oct 19, 2011 Washington

    It's stupid Mia communication on if a trade was actually set up or a potential trade was setup. He didn't use my name but I still have my pride and when I know stuff is being said about my character I will get defensive. It's just beer and my birthday. Time to celebrate
  2. eyeenjoybeer

    eyeenjoybeer Feb 18, 2011 Seychelles

    It is just beer and happy birthday.
  3. crosamich

    crosamich Nov 28, 2007 Florida
    Beer Trader

    I thought this thread would have died by now. Is there anymore Beat left at the pub right now, 1824 EST? I have seen no updates other than when this thread started. I have my bottles on the way already so...just curious?
  4. Jcb890

    Jcb890 Jan 28, 2008 Massachusetts

    Happy Birthday! If no trade was agreed upon then no big deal. Nobody shipped, so no harm no foul. Drink a Beatification for your birthday since I can't get any, at least someone can drink some.
  5. Pwnzilla

    Pwnzilla Oct 19, 2011 Washington

    Might have to after all this talk :)
  6. SpdKilz

    SpdKilz Jan 8, 2009 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    As of a little while ago, it is still available.
  7. crosamich

    crosamich Nov 28, 2007 Florida
    Beer Trader

    but you don't know about at right this moment do ya? haha
  8. SpdKilz

    SpdKilz Jan 8, 2009 Illinois
    Beer Trader

  9. jmarsh123

    jmarsh123 Mar 31, 2010 Indiana
    Beer Trader

    I don't think it's necessarily that people are even getting less generous, just that less beer is available. I've extra'd a ton of KBS over the past year+ I've traded, but got completely shut out this year and will have to trade to even get a 4-pack for myself. I'm lucky enough to be able to get 1 of a special release anymore.

    While some people may be motivated by greed, some newbies probably just don't know any better. They see everyone throwing up trades and want in on the action. When I first started trading, I ISO'd Kate for DL a few times. 2 brewery only imperial stouts. Sounds pretty fair right? I didn't know any better at the time.
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  10. Jcb890

    Jcb890 Jan 28, 2008 Massachusetts

    Who wants to go to the brewery and pick me up some Beatification?! :)
  11. Levitation

    Levitation Aug 7, 2009 California

    after this one's done, i got next...
  12. Arbitrator

    Arbitrator Nov 26, 2008 California

    I make it sound good, but my "better things to do" involves laundry and taxes. It's all in the delivery.
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  13. stupac2

    stupac2 Feb 22, 2011 California
    Beer Trader

    Oh god I still need to do my taxes. Why do I keep forgetting (other than the obvious)?
  14. Arbitrator

    Arbitrator Nov 26, 2008 California

    Yeah, it's not like you have a strong math background from one of the best universities in the world.
  15. stupac2

    stupac2 Feb 22, 2011 California
    Beer Trader

    I know I can do it, I just keep forgetting to do it.
  16. yamar68

    yamar68 Apr 1, 2011 Minnesota

    I think it's pretty annoying that the same people that defend 'price gouging' in the name of free market capitalism also gripe about absurd trade offers and ebay sales... Joe Sixpack can charge whatever he wants for the latest limited beer release at his bottle shop because it's a free market, but don't even think about artificially inflating prices on the auction site! :rolleyes: Give me a break.
  17. stupac2

    stupac2 Feb 22, 2011 California
    Beer Trader

    ...What? Who said anything remotely like that?
  18. yamar68

    yamar68 Apr 1, 2011 Minnesota

    Off-topic, I know. Sorry, it just seems like a lot of BA's have been defending high prices in the bottle shops in recent threads but then attacking exorbitant trade offers. Seems contradictory to me.
  19. stupac2

    stupac2 Feb 22, 2011 California
    Beer Trader

    First, I don't think that the SAME BA's are actually making those arguments.

    Second, why is that inconsistent? It's perfectly consistent to say that beer is systematically underpriced and that beers are being "ransomed" (or whatever). The first is all about the MSRP, but the second is a bunch of relative factors. If beers are systematically underpriced, then odds are pretty good they're similarly underpriced. So even if you think Beat or King Henry should have sold for twice as much, they should still trade 1:1. So someone asking for more is, by that definition, asking for too much.

    You can quibble about certain things in there, but I think it's pretty straightforward that those two positions aren't necessarily mutually exclusive.

    (Not that anyone necessarily cares, but my position is that beer is systematically underpriced in general, but that some of the big names being stupid about releases is compounding the problem. That Beatification has lasted this long at the brewery and been so smooth for locals to get is a testament to the inanity of the GI/Founders model of release. I also don't really give two shits about what people ask for their beer, though I find obvious attempts to inflate a beer's perceived value annoying. That said, the latter isn't particularly common.)
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  20. KevSal

    KevSal Oct 17, 2010 California
    Beer Trader

    I think everyone should be ecstatic about the amount that was released. The bottom line is that it's an amazing beer (instead of a hyped mediocre beer), and this batch is fantastic! I only wish I had more for myself lol, mine are going straight to folks who have unselfishly traded their gems to me in the past!

    I understand the frustration about people asking too much for this beer, but because of the amount released that means more chances of finding reasonable traders as well. Actually I've seen quite a lot of people sharing the wealth rather than ransoming, which is quite refreshing.

    DBCOACHEMUP Dec 16, 2011 Illinois

    Best thing I gained from this entire discussion.
  22. cpinto6

    cpinto6 Feb 25, 2010 Georgia

    I wouldn't doubt that it is because a lot of people arguing about that is just arguing the semantics of it. I think we all now by now from those people if we didn't before that you can't gouge anyone on something that isn't an essential good. We also all know what people mean by price gouging by now isn't the actual definition of gouging...yet people continue to argue semantics on this, its a beer forum, not a legal document :confused:
  23. cpinto6

    cpinto6 Feb 25, 2010 Georgia

    Ok what the hell do you mean by difference of opinion? I think most BAs will agree with me that the norm is that nothing is locked in or finalized until you exchange a conversation stating ok so the trade is these beers on my end for these beers on your end and the other person replies in agreement. Any discussing before this happens, even if it looks like it will be a locked in trade is not one. I would never bitch about someone not trading me their beer when it wasn't locked in by the standards I described above. Even if it was locked in and they backed out, I'd just move on and never trade with them again.

    Clear communication is key and a lot of people on here from what I've seen don't wanna be mean and tell you no, so when you propose something and they say yea sure or yea maybe, that doesn't constitute a locked in trade agreement. But if you ask me those people should just grow some balls and say sorry not interested and avoid the confusion. Being clear avoids a lot of butt hurt issues.

    I always make sure the other person is on the same page as me so that if I read the conversation to someone else they wouldn't be confused about anything.

  24. cpinto6

    cpinto6 Feb 25, 2010 Georgia

    O and also usually you exchange info after, if the other person doesn't send me their shipping info I don't consider it locked in either...
  25. bkrueger

    bkrueger Sep 27, 2007 California

    Beatification is still here. I'm drinking my second one in the last couple hours in honor of Russian River's 8th anniversary. I even mixed a little fresh supplication in the last 1/4 or so of my Beatification at the brewery earlier to make a delicious blend. Hope it lasts for another couple weeks so I can keep getting cold ones at the brewery. On a side note, I think the enamel on my teeth are starting to come off or at least it sure feels like it right now.
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  26. Duffman929

    Duffman929 Nov 27, 2010 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    You are about 15 mins from the brewery...I think I would have spent several hundred dollars this week if it were me.
  27. Frozenmoses

    Frozenmoses Nov 23, 2010 Texas

    So where's that Cantillon keg at?
  28. bkrueger

    bkrueger Sep 27, 2007 California

    Still waiting to become friends with the Shelton Bros I guess. In the mean time at least these showed up today
  29. aasher

    aasher Jan 27, 2010 Indiana
    Beer Trader

    Ecstatic is right. Try to find a crazy release where a SoCal trader could get six bottles of a Founders release or a Bourbon County variant. I'm in the Midwest and because of the six bottle limit, I have an allocation coming my way. Vinnie nailed it. God I love that beer!
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  30. Durb777

    Durb777 Nov 30, 2011 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    How much does Beatification cost per bottle at the brewery
  31. stupac2

    stupac2 Feb 22, 2011 California
    Beer Trader

  32. eyeenjoybeer

    eyeenjoybeer Feb 18, 2011 Seychelles

    This assumes that these breweries all have the same desired outcome.
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  33. stupac2

    stupac2 Feb 22, 2011 California
    Beer Trader

    Man, can you edit your post so it doesn't look like I said that? Thanks.

    Anyway, if you're actually saying that Founders would rather have a clusterfuck of a release that makes pretty much everyone involved butthurt versus a smooth release that increases the goodwill felt by locals toward the brewery then that's fine. I just very sincerely doubt it.
  34. MarkIntihar

    MarkIntihar Mar 17, 2010 Michigan

    I don't think that's what he said at all. I interpreted as Founders and Russian River just have very different business models. Russian River obviously wants to make sure all of their locals are taken care of, and they have proven this over time with pulling back their distro and trying to keep as much of their beer in Cali as they can. They don't seem very concerned with expanding to new markets so much as fully supplying their existing distro. Founders, on the other hand, continues to grow and explore new markets, running more of a business-like brewery based on growth. Have they gotten a little ahead of themselves as far as being able to keep up with production? Probably. But I'm curious to see if that changes with the new, larger brewing system.
  35. eyeenjoybeer

    eyeenjoybeer Feb 18, 2011 Seychelles

    Fixed it.

    You seem to be saying that "...Founders would rather have a clusterfuck of a release that makes pretty much everyone involved butthurt versus a smooth release that increases the goodwill felt by locals toward the brewery...."
    That is your assumption, not mine, about Founder's intentions. I would suppose that Founder's would like to please locals as well as those in the different markets they distribute to. They are a regional brewery, so they serve their region. RR is happy to serve only their local market with this release and has a few accounts in very select other markets. These are different business models. They don't really compare.

    I think they all want to please their customers. However, some customers can't be pleased.

    I am echoing Mark.
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  36. stupac2

    stupac2 Feb 22, 2011 California
    Beer Trader

    I'm not making any assumptions about their intentions other than that pissing off customers is bad. Is that REALLY an unreasonable assumption? Did you two even read the KBS release threads? Can you honestly tell me that you think the way Founders handled KBS this year is superior in any possible way to the way RR handled beat?
  37. eyeenjoybeer

    eyeenjoybeer Feb 18, 2011 Seychelles

    Let me follow-up just to say that many companies are being faulted for distributing or for not distributing certain beers. There is always a party that feels injury.
  38. BigTomZ

    BigTomZ Apr 14, 2009 Virginia

    The bottom line is that everyone wants the beer they have to be worth more in trades than the beer others have. People will go out of their way to shit on the value of other beers in order to pump up what they have. We see it every single day, and it isn't going to change any time soon.

    In my opinion, if someone trades something crazy for a release and it sets the asking price higher... too bad. Just be patient since in most cases the asking price will come back down. If the value stays high and you don't have the weight to get it... too bad.
  39. eyeenjoybeer

    eyeenjoybeer Feb 18, 2011 Seychelles

    I did Even read the KBS thread. I Even talked to some folks that went, face to face. I personally think Founder's did a fine job with the KBS release. Those who really have differing opinions were at different parts of the line for the release. They, again, are trying to please as many folks as possible, but some folks just can't be pleased. That is not their fault.
  40. eyeenjoybeer

    eyeenjoybeer Feb 18, 2011 Seychelles

    Yes, and it is only beer.
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