Beef Stout Stroganoff

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    A few key recipe tweaks—including the addition of an Oatmeal Stout—infuse the finished stroganoff with layers of scrumptious flavor and texture, yielding a balanced yet complex version of a nostalgic comfort dish.

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    Johnson&Wales Culinary Arts grad. 1987.
    Worked in restaurants for almost 25 years.
    Beef Stroganoff is an all time favorite of mine.

    Excellent recipe, I will try this at home.
    I prefer to use tenderloin so I won't use shio-koji.
    The only other thing I would do different is to cook the mushrooms dry under low heat separately.
    The liquid will slowly come out of the mushrooms, concentrate the flavor, and I can serve the mushroom haters 1st....then add the mushrooms to the pan for the mushroom lovers without having to make 2 separate batches.
    Using Stout is interesting, I usually use dry white wine to keep the color on the lighter side.
    Can't wait to try this, thanks.
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  3. Dan_K

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    With the shio-koji and white miso, this would certainly be an interesting Asian-inspired twist on a classic dish. I'd like to try it.
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  4. Squire

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    I'm up for this.
  5. tzieser

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    I’ll save this recipe for the winter. It’s bbq/seafood season for me
  6. AZBeerDude72

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    This sounds very good. I will try this out this fall.

    Summer time, I think some beer can chicken is in order!

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  7. Beer_Line

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    What makes this dish amazing is Dill. Add dill plz
  8. Keene

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    Fine, we'll give it a shot. You don't have to make a big dill about it. :smirk:
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  10. Urk1127

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    I work in a tavern as a cook. Im going to see if we'll do this as a special one of these days.
  11. nc41

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    Looks good, I love to cook but I don't do complicated stuff either. I haveca timing problem. This one I might try though that looks really great.
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    That sounds delish.
  13. jakecattleco

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    Excellent choice on the oatmeal stout, Barney Flats is definitely one of my favorites!
  14. putonyourwalkingshoes

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    While the author says that you can use the shio-koji and thus use a cheaper grade of meat I would avoid that. For the amount of labor stroganoff takes I would avoid this but top sirloin is usually the best cut of meat without sacrificing on flavor. That stew meat should be avoided.

    Would recommend integrating cream of mushroom soup as a base. An overnight merlot or cab blend marinade does wonders. I would think the stout could still be used with this regardless. Interesting that Worcestershire sauce is omitted. That's kind of a standard and has much of the soy component aforementioned.
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  15. BruChef

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    Good call. Worcestershire and Campbell’s cream of mushroom soup were exactly the readily available ingredients my great grandmother used when she lived in Russia, no doubt! :wink:
  16. Claude-Irishman

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    Love Beef Stroganoff. Made with stout sounds delicious.
  17. cdilisio

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    Made this tonight with leftover sous vide top sirloin. Very, very tasty.
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    You have leftovers?
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    I do?