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Discussion in 'Canada' started by billpa, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. billpa

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    If you had to choose just two places for beer in Saint John, which ones would they be? I'll only be in the city for about 24 hours. It looks like Loyalist will be closed on the day I'll be there, at least according to Google.
    Ideally I'd like to walk, I'll be staying very near to the city center, although it looks like there's some activity in Rothesay as well.
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    BTW, I like Belgian 'style' ales, ESBs and IPAs...the wife likes her stout.

  2. Coronaeus

    Coronaeus Champion (881) Apr 21, 2014 Ontario (Canada)

    I’m hoping someone else more local can help you, but I have enjoyed everything from Hammond River. Despite their sad laserjet labels, they make some good beer. That would be my first choice as an out-of-towner based on my limited experience of the area’s beer.
  3. billpa

    billpa Initiate (89) Jan 3, 2008 Pennsylvania

    Thanks, I'll check them out. The laserjet printing is fine with me!
  4. rejtable

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    I haven't been yet personally, but my trusted east coast scouts offered up Big Tide and Gahan House (PEI based with tap rooms around the maritimes), Loyalist and the Moosehead small batch tap room as worthy spots to try.
  5. rejtable

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    Oh and for hotel beers or take home stuff, head to a NB Liquor Store and try and grab some Trailway cans, especially HuJon. By a mile the best stuff being done in the Maritimes that is pretty accessible.
  6. billpa

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    Thanks for that...

    I was having a look at the NB Liquor website and noticed a big selection of local/regional beers. Any idea if the actual brick and mortar stores reflect that selection?
  7. rejtable

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    Each location varies. For sure even the best locations won't reflect the variety you'd see on their website.

    I'll ask if there is a better store. I know Moncton and Fredericton very well, but am less up to speed on Saint John.
  8. rejtable

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    And I won't claim to be any big expert, and I'm sure others will have different opinions... but your best local/regional bets from the liquore store are going to be Trailway (especially for hazy IPA avoid their dark beers though), Grimross (have a bunch of "belgian" styled stuff), not sure if Tatamagouche from NS makes it over there. The few I've had from Loyalist have been ok.

    I am not a fan at all of Picaroons, but their stuff will be everywhere. Pumphouse (Moncton) will also be everywhere. Nothing exciting but it won't poison you.

    The big NS regional players, Propeller and Garrison will likely have some shelf space. Again, typically not super exciting although some of their special run beers have been really good.

    There's a brewery up north called "fils du Roy" who bottles lots of "belgian-y" things. I haven't had enough of his beer to comment too strongly on quality but maybe worth trying if you spot some. He gets some provincial distribution, last I saw.

    The Propeller (NS) ESB is a pretty widely available ESB on shelves there and has been historically really good.