Beer Karma, Explained

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    What's Beer Karma?! What are these numbers?!

    Relax. Don't worry. And have a brew.

    Beer Karma & Points
    The origins of Beer Karma go back to around 2000. Back in the day we described it as follows:
    It's seen many iterations, and come and gone, over the years. But simply put, it's a measurement of your contributions and overall support that's represented using a point-based system. The more you contribute, the more points you'll get. Points may also be taken away.

    The Halls of Beerdom
    Whenever you see one of the following titles next to a username it denotes that they've achieved a specific level of Beer Karma by way of points, and that their username has been scribed into The Halls of Beerdom for all to recognize.

    0 = Initiate
    200 = Aspirant
    300 = Disciple
    400 = Devotee
    500 = Zealot
    600 = Defender
    700 = Crusader
    800 = Champion
    900 = Savant
    1000 = Meyvn
    1500 = Poo-Bah

    Wear your title with pride. More titles will be scribed over time.

    Notable Members by Points

    • The origins of Beer Karma, and its mystical calculations, remain unknown. Seeking it out is not the way of Beer Karma.
    • Points and titles aren't instant. So if you log in and your points are at 0, or your title is blank, or both remain unchanged after contributing, please wait roughly an hour for the system to process and apply any updates.
    • Beer Karma may change at any time, and without warning.
    • Beer Karma isn't necessarily a measure of a user's beer knowledge.
    • The Return of Old-School Beer Karma.