BeerAdvocate Karma, Explained

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    What happened to Beer Karma?!

    What are these all of these alerts and achievements?!

    Why aren't my karma points updating as I contribute?!

    Relax. Don't worry. And have a brew.

    The origins of "Beer Karma" go back to around 2000, when it was described as follows:
    Despite many iterations over the years, the system remains an acknowledgement and measurement of your contributions to BeerAdvocate. The more you contribute, the more achievements and points you'll get. We call this "BeerAdvocate Karma" (karma) and break it down into achievements, points, and titles.

    Once shrouded in mystery and taboo, we're now using an achievement-based system that’s more fun, engaging, challenging, and transparent. You can check out all possible achievements here:

    The system automagically checks recently active members once per hour against these achievements, but this may happen at other times based on member activity and the achievement.

    You'll receive an alert when you're awarded karma, and you can view all of your awarded karma by clicking on your (or anyone else's) points in most places where it's displayed.

    Points are accrued when you’re awarded karma. More specifically, when you meet achievement criteria. And, as you level up, you'll earn even more points.

    Whenever you see one of the following titles next to a username it denotes that they've achieved a specific level of karma by way of points, and that their username has been scribed into The Halls of Beerdom for all to recognize.
    1. Initiate < 200
    2. Aspirant = 200
    3. Devotee = 300
    4. Crusader = 400
    5. Zealot = 500
    6. Pundit = 750
    7. Savant = 1,000
    8. Maven = 1,250
    9. Pooh-Bah = 1,500
    10. Grand Pooh-Bah = 3,000
    11. Grand High Poo-Bah = 6,000
    Wear your title with pride. More titles may be scribed over time.

    Thanks for your contributions and support.

    May you be showered with karma for many years to come.