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    I'm sorting a beer tasting evening for about 15 guys on zoom so looking to source bottle & tins so we can all drink the same beers - I'm thinking about 5 beers each. A lot of the guys drink mostly more traditional beers so I don't want to go too wild. I'm thinking a traditional beer, a craft beer, a stout/porter, maybe a lager and then something a bit different. I want to make it easy so get them from Asda/Tesco or similar. Any recommendations for individual beers?
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    As always it would he[p to know what state you live in
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    All these are easily available at Tesco, very affordable and will give a range of different flavours to talk about:

    Pilsner Urquell
    St Austell Proper Job
    Guinness West Indies Porter
    McEwans Champion
    Greene King Old Crafty Hen
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