Beginner attempting Averagely Perfect American IPA

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  1. acannell

    acannell Initiate (25) Dec 16, 2017 California

    I happened to go on a road trip near a brewing supply store, and since I was out of grain they closed in 15 minutes I tried to figure out what I could buy to brew next.

    It seems like a normal IPA would be good. I found the AP AIPA recipe on here and tried to get the grain for it. I did not buy the specific yeast or hops though.

    I could try to actually make a clear beer this time! This will be my third batch ever and the first two were hazy (1st just happened, 2nd on purpose).

    So heres what I got:

    2.3# viking male pale ale
    0.13# viking malt carmael 100 (40L)..I think this was actually Crystal 40 and he put it wrong on the receipt
    0.08# carafoam


    2/3rd leftover of a liquid wyeast london ale III activator packet in a sanitized tupperware stored in the freezer (about 2 weeks old)
    1 packet of brooklyn brew shop yeast

    irish moss

    I'd like to try to make a clear beer this time if I can. Maybe even shoot for an OG and hit it. I will be bottling. (no keg yet!)

    Batch size is 1 gallon (I actually have two gallon fermenters but I forgot to buy enough grain for 2 gallons...the grain values above are from the recipe divided by 5)

    I could use some help fine tuning the recipe for my setup and ingredients. Any ideas? I will definitely strain the wort this time when I pour it into the fermenter. My whirlpooling was completely ineffective last time (just a wooden spoon..probably didnt do it long enough and maybe the small volume of liquid doesn't whirlpool well..)
  2. utahbeerdude

    utahbeerdude Disciple (384) May 2, 2006 Utah

    Yeast experts here may know something I don't, but I'm pretty sure this yeast is kaput due to being put in the freezer.
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  3. acannell

    acannell Initiate (25) Dec 16, 2017 California

    oops I meant fridge (normal fridge I keep food in)
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  4. riptorn

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    I wouldn't trust yeast to any Tupperware in my possession. The more airtight the container, the more protection from undesirable bugs.
  5. Brewday

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  6. NorCalKid

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    My practice is. Open a yeast pack, use it all. To much risk of contamination if your trying to bogart it.

    Also, my opinion. At the homebrew level, there’s really no need for reusing yeast. Some might argue or disagree but for the price over risk. Spend the few extra bucks.
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  7. pweis909

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    This maybe us the AP NEIPA.
  8. VikeMan

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    This doesn't look like a close match for either of the AP IPAs. Which one are you trying?
  9. acannell

    acannell Initiate (25) Dec 16, 2017 California

    "Inspired" by the AP IPA. They didnt have the carapils so they suggested carafoam. And I need to use the hops and yeast I currently have which dont match either.