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    I'm in the process of opening a Ray Bradbury themed brewery in his childhood home of Waukegan. This was also the home of a fairly large brewery from the mid 1800's until 1916 when the temperance movement killed it off. Im going to revive the brand for a couple of house beers and have gained access to the Waukegan historical societies archives and done the requisite google searches. Im windering if anyone here has any old Besleys items or information that could help. Id like as much of the original artwork as plausible, so pictures or scans of what you have would be awesome. At oe point their stuff was an occasional find on EBAY or other auction site but Im told as of late the market has dried up a lot. Thanks in advance for any help
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    I notice that the portrait of Wm Beasley (1808 - 1897) in the 1972 Arno Press reprint of 100 Years of Brewing (below) is different -and a better reproduction - that the one in the Google Books 1903 edition.


    I wouldn't call Beasley's Waukegan Brewing Co. "fairly large" - most industry stats, 1870-1890s, put it at between 5,000 - 10,000 bbl/yr- which places it pretty much in the ranks of "small/mid-sized" breweries of the era.