Big Bad Baptist batches

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  1. nc41

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    I read they're releasing 3 different batches utilizing 3 different coffees. There's some on the shelf now, how are they identifying the batches? I'd like to see if different batches / coffee make a difference.
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  3. SaisonRichBiere

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    The batch number is usually on the bottle, and you should be able to go on the website to check out what each batch is brewed with. There used to be a blog that identified each batch.

    You'd probably have to side-by-side them all at once to really distinguish between them. Would be an awesome "experiment" to try out. Have a few friends help though...
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  4. gobuccos

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    Have 6 different batches in my Cellar. It sucks here in Ohio with the ABV cap at 12%, we cannot get some of the batches. I was lucky twice to get some that was 12.2% on the shelf here in Ohio.. It was pulled the next day..
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  5. Donco

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    One of my favorite BA Stouts! Just picked up several bottles of #52 on my visit to MI.
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  6. papat444

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    Love, love, love this beer! Which i had a case for the upcoming winter :slight_frown:
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  7. KSOZE

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    12.2% should be allowed in Ohio as there is a 0.3% ABV variance allowance. It might be only ALLOWED to be PRINTED as 12% and test at 12.3%, however. I never was clear how that worked.

    I just ordered BBB on Tavour so I will be getting a 12%+ batch delivered to me in Ohio.
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  8. gobuccos

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    Yeah, I was speaking to the beer manager at one of the shops I hit, and he said they had to pull it. What also was funny is I was able to purchase some that was over 12% that was shipped to Ohio by mistake. Stores could not put it on the shelves, but they could sell it of you asked for it.....
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  9. Jmorey

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  10. ericwo

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    I think Big Bad Baptist is very under the radar compared to some of the other big stouts. It's great and should get more recogition. Also wish it was sold in PA.
  11. BradenMK

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    God I wish I could ever even see this anymore. I've had it only twice and I never see it in Columbus anymore.
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  12. WesMantooth

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    I was always curious how this happened from time to time, especially when Bourbon County BW has been 12.1 for several years. Hopefully it is all a thing of the past soon, as is my derailment of this thread.:grinning:
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  13. Cubatobaco

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    This is solid brew! As mentioned, it is very under the radar. I suppose that's good, since I can typically grab it for months at a time.
  14. raynmoon

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    some batches have been amazing, some were a little rough around the edges.
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  15. indian_pale_ale

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    Being in crap UT, this is the only highlight beer that comes out of the state. Worst part is we can't try it on tap however (3.2% on draft laws). Happy to pick up and ship for whoever wants some.
  16. ManBearPat

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    I don't think it is limited enough for people around here to think its actually any good :sunglasses:
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  17. Donco

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    Me too! That's why I pick it up on my visits to Michigan.
  18. bmulari

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    As others mentioned - I'm seeing batch numbers on the side. Also noticing 'Blue Copper' beneath the batch information. Quick Google search results in a 'Blue Copper Coffee Roasters' in Salt Lake City. Guessing that's what Blue Copper is referencing?

    On a side note - Never had this beer - after reading everyone's comments here, I'm very excited to give this a try tomorrow night!
  19. LCC

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    Studio 35 tapped it yesterday, and I think I saw a bottle at Kenny Market yesterday.
  20. Dan_K

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    Paging @bgold86 ; he's sort of a BBB expert. He told me that batch #49 is not his favorite one.
    Oh, and BBB is kind of a "shelf beer" here in Colorado, I've found Batch # 45, 49, 50, and 52 on the shelves in the last month. Not to take away from it or anything. There is just a lot to go around.
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  21. BradenMK

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    Studio 35. I gotta get down there more often. I've never heard of Kenny Market though. Maybe I'm just bad at Columbusing.
  22. bgold86

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    Guys and gals, am loving the BBB love here, it is truly a fantastic and incredibly underrated beer!

    Thanks @Dan_K I am not an expert, YET......have in my cellar or have tried 6-7 different releases and have said "WOW" on almost every single one of them, the only one that I have not enjoyed was #49 which I had last night, it was thinner and with a less coffee-chocolate presence than the others I've enjoyed.

    If anyone would like to try #51 (12.7), shoot me a message and we can work something out, I'm always looking to try other releases as well:-)
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  23. troygreer

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    During GABF week the had on a BBB vertical that included Son of A Baptist. It was cool to try them side by side, interesting that there were big variances in flavor from batch/year to year
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  24. JayWhitson

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    not sure your state's law but its on craft beer kings dot com
  25. JayWhitson

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  26. JayWhitson

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    got a couple #37, #39, #49 and #50 now, after searching high and low and trading for all different barrel aged coffee stouts I can get it's my favorite beer and is hoarded anytime it is stumbled upon
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  27. JayWhitson

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    I've had multiple bottles of different releases and noticed a couple not quite as good, maybe it was just a 'bad' bottle, no pun intended
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  28. JayWhitson

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    thank goodness I'm still able to hoard it :rolling_eyes:
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  29. Dionysus777

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    The local shop has batch/release #51 which is tremendous. A definite coffee and chocolate bomb. The Bourbon barrel isn't as noticeable as other barrel aged beers but it's there. It's my first time trying BBB and I can't wait to try the others :sunglasses:
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  30. Dan_K

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    I have also noticed on the website that it varies from 10.2% to 12.2% ABV depending on batch. And some are aged for 7 months and others 3. It is very cool that Epic actually releases this info to the Public though. I love their taproom, they have 25 taps of Epic beers on .... tap.
  31. bgold86

    bgold86 Savant (905) Apr 1, 2015 New York
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    Haven't posted in recent hauls yet, but here's a pick of the twelve BBB release #51 bottles that came in this week. Was supposed to be six of #50 and six #51, but oh well! (kind of helps that there is almost no difference between the two batches)
  32. bgold86

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    Absolutely YES to Epic releasing BBB info to the public, has been extremely helpful! No other brewery who releases this type of specialty brew goes through that kind of detail bottle in and bottle out.
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  33. CB_Michigan

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    Interested to hear what you think of it. I'm drinking a 59 right now and the aroma is just completely off, not at all what I'd expect.
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  34. MFMB

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    Recently enjoyed the Blue Copper Coffee version. Spot on Epic!
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  35. Breaking_Beard

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    I had a batch 40 last week and it tasted like sour coffee and not much else. I have had this batch before earlier this year and loved it. I have had several bottles of 39, 40, and 41 and they were all great. I am worried my palate when crazy over the summer and I am afraid to pick up another bottle.
  36. Anthony1

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    Each of our breweries had a few different coffees we used. We even did some special things, like use a Texas roaster for a special Texas only batch. I believe in total we used 4 different coffees this year.

    That seems really odd. When I blended the batches this year, I specifically blended barrels in order to get the ABV slightly lower. I focused on more vanilla and chocolate notes rather than bourbon. It came out to 11.9% and we only shipped that batch to Ohio. Do you have the release number to the 12.2% bottle?

    You cannot have any bottle with a label over 12.0%. Really, what you are saying about 12.3% beer is possible, but risky. Ours came out at 11.9%

    We just got a Ohio rep, so I wouldn't be surprised if that changes very soon.

    Correct, after the first few batches this year, we tried to print the coffee roaster on the label next to the release number. We thought it would be easier to compare the different coffees.

    We're doing an even bigger vertical in January with every coffee release from this year, probably something from last year, and special bottles. I don't have the info on when it is exactly, but I know that I went though what we had and saved the kegs already.

    Sour coffee? Like in stale/old coffee? Or as in sour beer? I'll look through my library and see if I have one to taste.
  37. JayWhitson

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    @Anthony1 I'd like to personally thank you for such a wonderful brew :slight_smile:
  38. gcg49

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    Recently had my first bottle, a "shelf-aged" #37 (didn't realize how old it was when I bought it, and then it took 3 months or so for me to get around to drinking it). Unfortunately I wasn't a huge fan. Cheap booze on the nose, under carbonated and over coffee-d. A strong lingering bitterness from the coffee. Interested to know if certain batches are more well-regarded than others...
  39. gobuccos

    gobuccos Disciple (381) Apr 28, 2014 Ohio

  40. Donco

    Donco Devotee (433) Aug 12, 2013 Pennsylvania

    12.7% is the highest I've seen.