Black Friday- Twin Cities

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  1. Cibsie

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    It did. I know of a few stores that got a case or so but I wasn't lucky enough to get one.
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    There were 2 bottles at Hi-Way in Monticello. Too bad I was 5th in line.
  4. gatornation

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    I wish AB InBev would go back to the 12oz 4pks,crank out just BCBS,BCBBW, and BCBCS at say $25,and stop with the variants, maybe make a couple reserve's in the 16.9 oz bottle.
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  5. TatertotWars

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    #makeBCBSgreatagain #justmakeBCBSagain

    ECOBOOSTINST Aspirant (255) Jul 7, 2016 Iowa

    Sounds like Southern burbs got passed over on the Reserve Rye....Eagan Total Wine said the distributors decided to keep it all North
  7. Bruno415

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    Curious if any 2 year reserve hit the metro?
  8. iamcool

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    TW Bloomington had some but it was less than a case
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  9. MNPikey

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    Maple Grove Costco had about 20 cases of regular Friday. Stopped by there today and purchased a couple more at $9.99/ea. Still about 8-10 cases left.
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  10. Grave252

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    Distributor told us at SLL there was no 2 yr reserve in MN.
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  11. Bleicht

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    Hey folks,

    Anyone have a recommendation on spots in the metro area or downtown that might still have a couple variants hanging around? I arrived in town last night from overseas and will be here for a few days. Hoping to bring a few bottles back with me.

  12. Kegger37

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    2 Year Reserve, Prop, and Double Barrel didn't leave Illinois. Regular, Cafe, and Cheri were the most distributed. Wheatwine left Illinois, but barely, however the places that had it seemed to have a good supply. Reserve Rye was more distributed in terms of distance, but quantities were very very low.
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