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Discussion in 'US - South' started by ajcuster89, Aug 25, 2021.

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  1. ajcuster89

    ajcuster89 (290) Apr 14, 2014 Vermont

    Hello everyone!

    Gonna be down in the Blacksburg area for about 5 days in early October for a wedding. Looking for any suggestions for breweries/brewpubs/bars to hit while we're down there.

    I looked at a previous Blacksburg thread, but it was from over 7 years ago, so thought I'd solicit some updated suggestions.

    Thanks in advance! Cheers!

  2. TomCat11

    TomCat11 (625) Jul 21, 2012 Virginia

    It's been a few years since I was in Blacksburg but nothing will knock your socks off. Visited Eastern Divide Brewing and Lefty's Grill / Right Mind Brewing one weekend we were down to catch a football game..

    Other breweries pretty much in BBurg include;
    - Bulls & Bones Brewhouse (think a local version of Gordon Biersch)
    - Rising Silo (had a friend visit a couple years ago and said it was not very good)
    - The Maroon Door / Off the Wall Brewing (another restaurant trying their hand at brewing. Never been myself yet)
    - Moon Hollow Brewing (have not been myself yet)

    Radford area
    - The River Company Restaurant and Brewery
    - Long Way Brewing (also never been but the building is an old stone church. Really cool looking from what I have seen.

    For local stuff to pick up there's not a killer bottle shop but your best best will be The Cellar & 6-Pak Store

    if you have a day to slip away out of town I would definitely recommend making a trip to Salem / Roanoke. They have quite a few really good breweries (Olde Salem, Parkway, Big Lick, Three Notch'd, Starr Hill) and a few others.. It's about a 35 min from Blacksburg to Salem and about 45 mins to downtown Roanoke where most of the breweries are located.
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  3. NoMoreBeerBelly

    NoMoreBeerBelly (275) Dec 2, 2009 North Carolina

    If the weather is nice and you want to sit outside, Rising Solo's isn't bad, basically outside on a farm. We enjoyed Eastern Divide as well. Like others said, nothing mindblowing. Roanoke has much better options with Parkway and Big Lick (and bunch of others downtown). If you are into lagers, Seven Sisters in Wytheville is worth a stop (their IPA's no good but the lagers I had were all solid).
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