Blending Beers: Share Your Experiments

Discussion in 'Beer Talk' started by ThisWangsChung, May 3, 2012.

  1. dep0952

    dep0952 Initiate (0) Jul 26, 2012 Pennsylvania

    Southern tier creme brulee with terrapin wake n bake
  2. InebriatedJoker

    InebriatedJoker Zealot (586) Sep 16, 2010 Ohio
    Beer Trader

    We did one at a tasting once with Hop Slam and BA Old Rasputin , pretty damn tasty brew..
  3. canuck

    canuck Initiate (0) Dec 3, 2012

    I think I should try this since I still have some bottles of Pumking.
  4. canuck

    canuck Initiate (0) Dec 3, 2012

    now I'm wondering if I mix BCBS with Framboise, could I possibly get something delicious like Bramble?
  5. BlackBelt5112203

    BlackBelt5112203 Initiate (0) Jan 2, 2012 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    Charleston Beer Exchange mixes up growlers of Terrapin Moo-Hoo and Wake-n-Bake and calls it Wake-n-Moo. They recently did it with those two PLUS Liquid Bliss and called it Wake-n-Moo-n-Bliss. It was delicious. Picture a velvety smooth coffee, chocolate milk, and peanut butter stout. Mmmmmmm
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  6. itsthepleats

    itsthepleats Initiate (0) Mar 19, 2012 Ohio

    This is what I came here to say. BCBS + Pumking really is tasty! Also my Heady/BCBS worked surprisingly well.

    This thread makes me thirsty!
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  7. ggwheeler

    ggwheeler Initiate (0) Jan 8, 2011 California

    Cantillon Kriek and Diet Coke. 50/50.

    Best cherry coke on earth.

    Or best diet kriek. Take your pick.
  8. CheeseheadNation

    CheeseheadNation Initiate (0) Jul 4, 2012 Indiana
    Beer Trader

    Do you know what the mix ratio is? I'll have to just buy some and try it out, sounds awesome. The only mix I've done was very similar. Founders BS and FMB. The choc, coffee and hazelnut combo is friggin awesome. For those who don't care for FMB, try this mix. I didn't think snickers when I did this though.
  9. YogiBeer

    YogiBeer Initiate (0) May 10, 2012 Illinois

    My buddy and I made our own murdad out stout lsst night.... bba pt5, bcbs 12, cw bbstout, backwoods bastard
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  10. Acforster2

    Acforster2 Disciple (373) Jan 17, 2011 Florida
    Beer Trader

    I've done this more with beer that I don't like. I mixed blue moon with summerfest, a blue summer. It vastly improved the blue moon. And recently mixed old chub with hop rod rye.
  11. mrelizabeth

    mrelizabeth Initiate (0) Jan 22, 2012 California

    Victory @ Sea w/ Sculpin.
  12. JustXBeer

    JustXBeer Initiate (0) Nov 29, 2012 California
    Beer Trader

  13. mverity

    mverity Defender (669) Oct 6, 2012 Florida
    Beer Trader

    Best mixing I've ever done was half Brown Shugga' and half Two Hearted. I don't give a damn about coming up with a name for it; however, yall should give it a try if you can get your hands on the stuff.
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  14. semibaked

    semibaked Zealot (566) Mar 27, 2007 Illinois

    Mixed Bourbon County Stout with Cantillon Lou Pepe Framboise, it was damn good too.
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  15. PatriotsRule

    PatriotsRule Aspirant (257) Sep 25, 2012 Massachusetts

    That punkin and guinness looks great. I certainly enjoy black and tans, although I would argue one of the best of the style is pre-mixed in BBC's Shabadoo!
  16. mfield14

    mfield14 Initiate (0) Nov 4, 2011 Colorado

    Great Divide Chocolate and Espresso Yeti
  17. TheSixthRing

    TheSixthRing Poo-Bah (2,409) Sep 24, 2008 California

    Rogue Shakespeare Stout + Dead Guy = Dead Poet. One of the best Black and tans I've had.
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  18. Docer

    Docer Initiate (0) Nov 20, 2008 Washington

    A little Stone RIS and Boneyard Hop Venom makes for one kick-ass CDA. Just sayin'!
  19. mweso2000

    mweso2000 Disciple (389) Apr 10, 2010 Georgia
    Beer Trader

    Just had a dales pale and ten Fidy. Wow! I would but this stuff by the truckload. Perfect balance of malt and hops highly recommend.
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  20. BeastLU

    BeastLU Disciple (326) Dec 20, 2012 Virginia

    Ten Fidy and Gubna is my favorite with the OB line.
  21. BeastLU

    BeastLU Disciple (326) Dec 20, 2012 Virginia

    Ive also been known to put a shot of bourbon into a RIS. Pretty good, one of my local bartenders makes them for me.
  22. Bitterbill

    Bitterbill Poo-Bah (5,334) Sep 14, 2002 Wyoming
    Supporter Beer Trader

    I was thinking of mixing a Wheat beer with a bit of Jones Green Apple soda. Me=Crazy? Mayhabs.
  23. robboyd

    robboyd Initiate (0) Aug 7, 2011 Indiana

    This was the closest I've come to crying over a BA post.
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  24. elNopalero

    elNopalero Poo-Bah (2,647) Oct 14, 2009 Texas
    Beer Trader

    I'm not one to waste beers. Even if I can't finish a bottle I won't drainpour unless it was just awful--usually I'll find some way to use it in cooking or a marinade. In my experience I've found that malt bombs, especially boozy malt bombs (like dopplebocks) mix great with a cola. Something about the acidity in a cola balancing out the cloying sweetness of a malt bomb (er, a cloyingly sweet malt bomb) and the alcohol giving the soda some more of a kick. Even better, if the beer is flat (say, on the next day) the soda brings it back to life. I've finished many a failed curiosity pick this way. (Technically not mixing beer with beer, although it is mixing beer.)
  25. phildo7pt9

    phildo7pt9 Initiate (0) May 1, 2011 California

    I love both those beers by themselves. It would be interesting to try them like that
  26. DelMontiac

    DelMontiac Initiate (0) Oct 22, 2010 Oklahoma

    Tried mixing a little Ten Fidy and Lindemans Framboise last night. Not bad. Like something out of a Valentine's Day box of chocolates.
  27. jb123

    jb123 Initiate (0) Dec 3, 2012 Michigan
    Beer Trader

    Really? What's it taste like? Interested
  28. mattohara

    mattohara Initiate (0) Dec 8, 2009 New York

    I got the barrel-aged Ommegang beers but I thought they were too strong. I mixed them with their non-barrel-aged versions of themselves and the taste was much improved. There is some kind of infinite regression going on there.
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  29. huysmans

    huysmans Disciple (351) Dec 5, 2007 New Jersey

    Just do it, it's great! A perfect balance of the dark roasted FBS and the crisp and sweet Zombie Killer.
  30. Grohnke

    Grohnke Initiate (0) Sep 15, 2009 Illinois

    Ive been wanting to delve into this. I have some hopslam which i think would make for an excellent blending component. For the vets out there, what shelf beer would you recommend me picking up to do so?
  31. bramsdell

    bramsdell Aspirant (278) May 27, 2011 North Carolina

    If you're even in Huntsville, Alambama, go to Straight to Ale's taproom. Black and tan of their Monkeynaut IPA and burgundy barrel aged RIS is amazing.
  32. ao125

    ao125 Initiate (0) Dec 1, 2010 Virginia

    Hardywood Park's Gingerbread Stout (GBS) + Boulevard's Rye-on-Rye is really quite delicious... perhaps better than the barrel-aged version of GBS.
  33. alucard6679

    alucard6679 Aspirant (259) Jul 29, 2012 Arizona

    I haven't really tried it yet. Any suggestions?
  34. whiskey

    whiskey Aspirant (274) Feb 25, 2012 California
    Beer Trader

    2 parts Old Rasputin to 1 part Creme Brulee
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  35. AnotherImperial

    AnotherImperial Aspirant (241) Oct 29, 2012 Arizona

    My wife likes to mix a bit of Framboise into chocolate stouts/oatmeal stouts.
  36. Providence

    Providence Initiate (0) Feb 24, 2010 Rhode Island

    There was a pizza joint near my old apartment that sold pizza by the slice for late night drunkards (myself included). One of the pizzas that they sold was a "tortellini pizza." Indeed, it was a slice of pizza with cheese filled tortellini on it.

    When people speak of mixing beers I get the same feeling I used to get when I saw that pizza: Those two things are good separetely, but combining them cheapens them both.

    Of course, my likelihood to consume a mixed beer or a slice of tortellini pizza are both completely contingent on how drunk I already was.
  37. salzar

    salzar Initiate (0) Dec 27, 2008 California

    Mixxing beers is awsome. Look at the Bruery's Melenge 3, a blend of three great barrell aged beers to make an even better blend. I personaly like using strong BA stouts for blending with lighter beers.

    Blending can be fun, if you try different blends of the same two beers you will see a spectrum of resulting flavors.

    To Providence: Not all blends are drunken mistakes for example, Two things that are good seperatly like cheese, bread, tomatoes, pepperoni are awesome when they are blended togther to form a pizza.
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  38. mborden

    mborden Initiate (172) Jan 28, 2009 New York

    Youngs Double Chocolate Stout and Wells Banana Bread
    Youngs Double Chocolate Stout and Lindemans Framboise
    Victory Storm King and Victory Hopdevil
    Founders Breakfast Stout and Founders Cerise

    You get the idea. If you can think it, you can drink it.
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  39. Stevicus

    Stevicus Initiate (126) Jul 1, 2009 California
    Beer Trader

    At Bear Republic there is a bartender who has about a dozen recipes based on the usual beers on tap and peoples particular tastes. You can have like a Hot Rod Racer Rocket 5.
  40. mfnmbvp

    mfnmbvp Poo-Bah (2,397) Nov 28, 2012 Illinois
    Beer Trader

    Experimented with mixing beers for the first time last night, with what we had on hand. Mixed about 2 oz. of Hop Czar with about 2 oz. of Pipeworks Glaucus. Needless to say, it is a combo I won't try again.
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