American Ales Blonde faux pilsner

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    Faux Pilsner

    Grain bill
    9 lb US Pilsner
    1 lb Vienna

    1 oz Sterling 60 min
    1 oz Sterling 10 min
    1 oz Liberty. 10 min

    IBU. 33

    Nottingham ale yeast
    Strike water was 160 but the temp didn’t drop enough so I added ice. Mashed at 145-148 for 30 min. Temp dropped to 140 so I heated to 155 and let it stand for 30 more minutes till it dropped to 145. Mash complete.
    Removed grain and started heating. Took about an hr to boil. Boiled for 30 min and added 1 oz sterling. Boiled 30 more and added wort chiller. 20 more and added 1 oz sterling and 1 oz liberty. Boiled for 10 min. Removed hops and started chilling.
    Fermented at 55 5 days and then raised to 62.
    OG 1.048 (day 7 it was 1.010)
    FG 1.009 (day 10)
    Bottled day 13
    I tried a bottle after 8 days (day 22) and it was still a little hazy and much darker than I expected. The taste is pretty good, nice malt/hop balance, slightly sweet with a dry finish. Carbonation is good. I think another couple of weeks and this will be just right. I think if I make it again I’ll leave the Vienna out and go straight Pilsner. Glad this one worked. It’s #8 and I’ve only had 2 that we’re drinkable.
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